Tutorial #1: How to Log In to Your 101 Application for the First Time (Transcript – Text Only)

Hello. Welcome to the “Ontario Universities’ Application Centre”, or OUAC, website: www.ouac.on.ca. This video tutorial will show you how to apply to an Ontario university using the Undergraduate 101 high school application. To begin, select the box entitled “Undergrad (101)” for Current Ontario high school students.

If you aren’t sure that you’re using the right application, you can answer a few short questions in a questionnaire, or you can review the 101 criteria. A link to the 101 online application is also found under “101 Resources” along with the Application Guide that has helpful instructions to guide you through the application process. Once satisfied that this is the appropriate application, click “Apply Now”.

If this is your first time filling out an Ontario university application, you will not have a username or password and you will need to create your OUAC profile. Select the link “Create My OUAC Profile”. Fill in your personal information: Name, date of birth and email address. Make sure you have a valid email address. Email is the primary method of communication for the universities and for the OUAC. Next, create a username and password. You should create a username that is personal and easy for you to remember because you will be using this username and password to log in from now on, and you will use it to apply to all future OUAC applications.

When that’s done, review the Profile Terms and Conditions and then select “Create My OUAC Profile”.

You will come to the Ontario Secondary School Application (101) Welcome Page. Read this page carefully as it contains helpful hints to get you started and 101-specific terms and conditions. Once you are finished, select “Continue” to go to the next screen.

Before you can continue with your application, you will need your access codes to confirm your identity. You can find your access codes in the Application Access Code Letter that your guidance counsellor provided you with. If you do not have this letter, please see your guidance counsellor.

Type your School Number, Student Number, and Temporary PIN into the applicable boxes. Remember: The PIN is case-sensitive so make sure you type it exactly as it appears on your letter. Hit save to continue to your application.

Now you have successfully logged in to your Undergrad 101 application. If you need to update your username or password at any point, go to My OUAC Profile on the left side menu.

Thank you for watching. To continue with your application process you can watch the undergrad 101 video tutorial #2 to learn how to browse and add programs to your 101 online application.