University Student Transition Resources

This list of resources is meant to augment learning and the skill sets needed for academic success in university. The following programs are available to all students attending Ontario universities.

This list is not intended to be all-inclusive, partly because universities regularwindly make adjustments to services.

Have questions or need more information? Contact the appropriate university directly.

View Transition Resources at French-language universities.

Last updated: March 22, 2018

Algoma University
Brock University
Carleton University
University of Guelph
University of Guelph-Humber
Lakehead University
Laurentian University
McMaster University
Nipissing University
OCAD University
University of Ottawa
Queen’s University
Ryerson University
University of Toronto
University of Toronto – Mississauga
University of Toronto – Scarborough
Trent University
University of Ontario Institute of Tecbrchnology (UOIT)
University of Waterloo
Western University
Wilfrid Laurier University
University of Windsor
York University
Glendon Campus, York University

Algoma University

Contact Algoma University

Resource Details
STAR Program
  • Free, 3-day program for university-bound students
  • Designed to ease the transition
  • Especially beneficial for students with learning disabilities
Student Success Workshops
  • Helps students reach their academic potential
  • Topics include: Note Taking, Time Management and Studying
Writing Lab
  • Open for 14 weeks in fall and winter semesters
  • Offers free writing instruction to individuals to assist them with improving their writing skills

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Brock University

Contact Brock University

Resource Details
CHEM1P00 Introductory Chemistry
  • Designed to assist those with an insufficient background in chemistry to succeed in required year one CHEM 1F92
  • Can be applied toward degree as an elective credit
  • Tuition fees apply
Mathematics Learning Centre
  • Free, drop-in help for students registered in first year math courses
  • Questions about course concepts or material can be discussed with course-specific Teaching Assistants, who are available at select times each week
  • Non-credit
  • First-year, summer academic orientation program
  • Designed to assist in transitioning incoming students and their guests to the Brock community
  • Students participate in seminars outlining ways to succeed in postsecondary education and include information related to key support services
  • Small fee to cover materials, lunch and parking
  • Non-credit, registration required
Student Success Centre
  • Offers online interactive skill tutorials on academic writing, grammar, numeracy, and science that engage students through video, examples, and game-like exercises, with modules that provide students with the fundamental skills needed for successful academic writing and mathematical operations
  • Free A-Z Learning Services that provide academic support for all Brock students to help them achieve their full potential in university and beyond (non-credit, registration required)
  • Free Workshops that support academic learning and study skills (non-credit, registration required)
  • Free Academic-Zone that offers online interactive tutorials (no fees, non-credit, registration required)
  • Tutoring (fees apply, non-credit, registration required)

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Carleton University

Contact Carleton University

 Resource  Details
Centre for Student Academic Support
  • Free academic skills development services
  • Offers a variety of support programs to improve student performance
  • Available online and through the CSAS drop-in centre
First-Year Engineering Support
  • Free help with core engineering, math and science, CCDP 2100 and English-language written communication skills
  • Elsie MacGill Learning Centre for first-year engineering students
  • No registration required
Learning Support Services
  • Free group sessions on topics like note-taking, research skills, citation and referencing, lab reports, learning strategies, balancing school and work, time management
  • Some topics offered online
  • No registration required
Mathematics and Statistics Learning Assistance Program
  • Free Math Tutorial Centre
  • Online Math and Stats homework support
  • Peer Assisted Study Sessions
  • Online support or drop in
Math Matters
  • 3 streams: Business and Economics; Engineering; Computer Science, Math and Science
  • Summer
  • Optional: Stay in residence
  • Fees apply, non-credit, registration required
Peer-Assisted Study Sessions
  • Free group sessions for individual subjects
  • No registration required
Peer-Assisted Subject Coaching
  • Free one-on-one assistance for individual subjects
  • No registration required
Science Student Success Centre – Upper-Year Science Mentoring
  • Free service that matches new Faculty of Science students with Upper-Year Science Mentors; First-Year Science Accelerator series
  • Registration required through website
Writing Tutorial Service
  • Free service that supports students’ academic writing
  • Online or on-campus appointments

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University of Guelph

Contact the University of Guelph

Resource Details
Center for New Students
  • Transition Seminar
  • Bounce Back
  • Back on Track
Chemistry & Physics Help
  • Science Commons, a dedicated space for chemistry and physics teaching assistants (TAs) to help students enrolled in UG CHEM and PHYS courses
Exam Prep
  • The library offers many resources to help students prepare for, and write, exams
Learning Services
  • Provides assistance to students who want to enhance their skills and academic performance
  • Our professional staff, peer helpers, and student athlete mentors provide information, individual and small group assistance, workshops, and in-class sessions dealing with:
    • Time management, project management, and balancing life and academics
    • Presentation and speaking skills, including poster presentations
    • Controlling procrastination and perfectionism
    • Exam preparation
    • Working in groups
    • Critical reading and learning from texts
    • Learning in large lectures
    • Concentration and memory enhancement
  • Collaborative Programs & Partnerships
    • Student Athlete Mentorship (SAM)
    • Engineering Peer Helpers
    • EAL/ESL Student Support
    • Aboriginal Learning Peer Helpers
    • Learning Support for Science Students (LS3)
    • Residence Life Staff Academic Support
Math & Stats Help
  • Math & Stats Learning Centre, a drop-in space where a team of tutors can help you understand and solve course-work problems
  • Numeracy & Quantitative Reasoning tutorials are available online all year
Student Accessibility Services (SAS)
  • Facilitates a variety of programs and services to assist students with disabilities participate fully in university life and maximize campus accessibility
  • The services of SAS are available to students registered at the University of Guelph who have a permanent disability
  • This includes full-time or part-time, graduate and undergraduate students
  • The SAS also has a number of services available to students with temporary disabilities
  • Students become eligible for our programs and services when they register with the SAS and provide documentation  to support their disability
  • Students can book an appointment for advice and information about developing effective strategies and study approaches for different types of courses and for ideas on how to create their Academic Action Plan
  • Appointments are free and confidential
Supported Learning Groups (SLG)
  • Free course-specific support for students outside of classes
  • University staff and trained undergraduate students help students succeed in historically challenging courses
  • Sessions are peer-led study groups that review course material and demonstrate new approaches to difficult concepts
Writing Services We offer writing appointments, workshops, and help in all aspects of writing:

  • Citations & bibliographies
  • Grammar & style
  • Writing specific types of papers
  • Writing papers in different disciplines
  • We offer members of the University of Guelph free, confidential, individual, and group writing appointments to help improve their writing
  • Writing appointments can be pre-booked, or you can drop in for a same-day writing appointment
Writers Workshop
  • A free, 2-day series of writing workshops that provide opportunities to learn about topics ranging from social media, creative fiction and non-fiction, academic writing, and publishing


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University of Guelph-Humber

Contact the University of Guelph-Humber

Services are offered by the University of Guelph-Humber and Humber College ITAL.

Resource Details
First Year Experience Program
  • Meet first-year students in your program
  • Connect online throughout the summer and meet at Orientation for an exclusive First Year Experience (FYE) event
  • Mentoring and support from your FYE leader will continue through your first year
  • Use this summer event to help prepare yourself and your family for your transition from high school to university life
  • Connect with other incoming students at this fun, students-only, official welcome to life at the University
  • We’ll get you set for classes and show you how to get involved
Learning Support Peers
  • Learning Support Peers are current students who are available to offer support and provide general information about programs, assist with course selection, provide direction in the area of academic resources and personal support services and inform you of policies and procedures
  • LSPs also offer a series of Learning Skills Workshops such as:
    • Exam preparation
    • Reading and note-taking
    • Time management
    • Procrastination
    • Memory strategies
    • Stress management
    • Presentation skills
Math & Writing Centre
  • You can receive support for help in writing or math, as well as find out about resources, workshops and related activities
  • Writing Centre
  • Math Centre
Career & Placement Services
  • Speak with a program-specific Career Services Coordinator for personalized career advice
  • Whether you’re looking for a job, working on your resume, developing networking skills or defining your career goals, we can help
  • Meet with your program-specific Placement Coordinator to help with your questions and plans for your placement or internship
  • Career Services
  • Placement Services

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Lakehead University

Contact Lakehead University

Resource Details
Admissions Counseling
  • Free
  • Meet with an Admissions Officer to discuss your application status, conditions of admission, prerequisites and anything else related to your start at Lakehead
  • Our Admissions team is here to help you with the transition from high school to university
  • You can book an appointment or drop-ins are welcome
Fast Pass to Registration
  • Free pre-orientation program designed to help new students get a head start on preparing for the transition to university
  • Work one-on-one with our Advisors to get personalized assistance with course registration and complete all your business to be ready for the start of the new year
  • Register or drop-ins are welcome
  • Free (students pay regular tuition for their program) probationary program designed for students that show the potential for success but that may not be meeting the traditional admission average for entry
  • Gateway is designed to help students get through first year successfully and beyond
  • Students enroll in their program (for credit) while receiving additional supports to aid in their success
  • Must apply to Lakehead University and will automatically be considered for admission through Gateway
Math Assistance Centre
  • A variety of free tutoring services for students enrolled in math courses, mainly first- and second-year courses
  • Drop-in hours are maintained throughout the academic year
Orientation Activities (Parents)
  • Complementing the Orientation for New Students, Lakehead offers a free, robust orientation for parents to support their own transition into the Lakehead learning family
  • Tips on supporting your student, key milestones and dates, and strategies to aid student success are all covered
  • Drop-in hours are maintained throughout the academic year
Orientation Activities (Students)
  • Free, comprehensive, interactive, and fun events await all new students to Lakehead through the Fall Orientation program
  • In addition to supporting the successful integration into our Lakehead learning community, topics covered include: Academic success from day one, accessing student support services, health and safety, and opportunities to get involved
  • No registration required
Peer Tutoring Services
  • Every Lakehead student receives 5 free hours of personal tutoring each year
  • Peer tutors are available in a wide variety of academic disciplines and undergraduate courses
  • Book arrangements in advance
Personal Success Advising
  • Free one-on-one success advising to students through in-person sessions where students are encouraged to explore their strengths and identify areas and strategies for development
  • Topics include: Academic success strategies, ongoing program fit assessment, study skills, transition assistance, career exploration, etc.
  • You can book an appointment or drop-ins are welcome
Skills for Success Seminars
  • A wide variety of topics are covered through the free Skills for Success Seminars, including:
    • Academic Reading & Note Taking
    • Time Management
    • Test Preparation
    • Getting Back on Track
    • Writing Multiple Choice Exams
    • Writing Essay Exams
  • Register in advance or drop in
Student Support Fairs
  • Free student support fairs that encourage and connect students to the wide variety of on-campus services available to support their success
  • The fairs happen throughout the academic year
  • Register in advance or drop in
Writing Centre
  • Free tutoring services to assist students with developing their academic writing skills within a variety of academic disciplines
  • Seminars and workshops are offered throughout the year, including topics: Academic Writing & Grammar, Referencing Clinics, Avoiding Plagiarism
  • Drop-ins and appointments can be booked with trained writing coaches

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Laurentian University

Contact Laurentian University

At Laurentian University, we offer some preparatory Science courses for students who have not met the Grade 12 prerequisite, or who wish to repeat the course prior to attempting the first-year, university-level course.

We will be exploring the possibility of offering some of these courses on campus for July and August.

Resource Details
Chemical Concepts
  • CHMI 1041EL
  • Can be used to replace SCH4U
  • Offered in fall on campus in Sudbury
Elementary Calculus
  • MATH 1912EL
  • Can be used to replace MCV4U
  • Offered in fall, on campus in Sudbury
  • Offered in winter, on campus in Barrie
Elementary Chemistry
  • CHMI 1031EL
  • Can be used to replace SCH4U
  • Offered in fall, online
Finite Mathematics
  • MATH 1911EL
  • Can be used to replace MHF4U
  • Offered in fall, on campus, both in Sudbury and Barrie
Physics for the Life Science I & II
  • PHYS 1206EL/1207EL
  • Taken in lieu of PHYS 1006/1007 (students without SPH4U)
  • Offered in fall and winter, on campus in Sudbury
Understanding Physics I & II
  • PHYS 1211EL/1212EL
  • Taken in lieu of PHYS 1006/1007 (students without SPH4U)
  • Offered in fall and winter, online

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McMaster University

Contact McMaster University

Resource Details
Student Success Centre
  • Academic Skills Workshops:
    • Strategies for Effective Note Taking
    • Reading for Speed and Comprehension
    • Improve Your Memory
    • Critical Thinking
    • Problem Solving for Math and Science
  • Student Success Workshops:
    • Setting Goals for Success
    • What’s Your Learning Style?
  • Writing Skills Workshops:
    • Writing a Clear, Concise and Contentious Thesis Statements
    • Writing Introductions and Conclusions
    • Keep Calm and Proofread: Polish Your Paper like a Pro
    • University Essays 101
    • Research Skills for Stronger Essays
    • Writing in the Social Sciences
    • Plagiarism and Academic Integrity

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Nipissing University

Contact Nipissing University

Resource Details
Academic Success Program
  • Provides Nipissing University students access to a dedicated support team to ensure they are academically successful
  • Registered participants are connected with a dedicated Academic Success Coach who will meet with you to help you set and attain your academic and personal goals. In addition, the program offers strength and needs assessments, Student Success Workshops and other opportunities to help you to reflect on your successes and challenges and positively impact your university experience.
  • Registration required
BIOL 1911 – Introduction to Biology
  • First-year biology course equivalent to SBI4U
  • Can be counted for credit
  • Tuition fees apply
CHEM 1911 – Introduction to Basic Chemistry
  • First-year chemistry course equivalent to SCH4U
  • Can be counted for credit
  • Tuition fees apply
MATH 1911 – Finite Mathematics
  • First-year math course equivalent to a 4U Math
  • Can be counted for credit
  • Tuition fees apply
MATH 1912 – Elementary Calculus
  • First-year math course equivalent to MCV4U
  • Can be counted for credit
  • Tuition fees apply
MATH 1922 – Mathematics of Data Management
  • First-year math course equivalent to MDM4U
  • Can be counted for credit
  • Tuition fees apply
New Student Orientation
  • A full-day orientation program designed to introduce students and supporters to the academic expectations of Nipissing University, highlight the services and programs available to support student success, and integrate students and their supporters into the Laker community
  • Fees apply, registration required
Peer Tutoring
  • Peer tutoring provides learning assistance to students in a particular academic subject or skill area by pairing such students with fellow students who have demonstrated competence in that particular academic subject or skill area
  • Fees may apply
Student Success Workshops
  • Staff, student leaders, and faculty advisors collaborate to create a series of workshops on various topics relevant to student success
  • The focus is on relaying best practices to support students in their successful transition to Nipissing University
  • Topics may include:
    • Time management
    • Research
    • Exam preparation
    • Plagiarism
    • Stress management
    • Note-taking
UNIV 1011 – Student Success: Theory and Practice
  • Introductory course designed to help students understand and integrate effectively to the university environment, through the development of attitudes, skills and knowledge which promote success in higher education
  • Can be counted for credit
  • Tuition fees apply

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OCAD University

Contact OCAD University

Resource Details
Academic Integrity Workshop
  • Provides clarity around when and how sources should be documented
  • 2-day orientation provides First Generation students (i.e., whose parents/guardians have not attended university or college) the practical skills necessary for success in first year
  • Highlights include:
    • Time management tips
    • Meeting upper-year students
    • Getting to know student services
    • Lunch and refreshments provided
  • Registration required
INK: Academic Essentials for First Year
  • These workshops introduce students to the academic skills needed to transition into university
  • Key topics include:
    • conducting research
    • creativity on-demand
    • introduction to critique
IT Services
  • Provides comprehensive information and tutorials with respect to OCAD University’s mandatory laptop programs and various technology platforms, including student email, print accounts and the course learning management system (Canvas)
  • Orientation is provided to technology available on-campus, as well as online technology training through
  • The Dorothy H Hoover Library offers students one-on-one research assistance, and conducts seminars and workshops to help library users find, retrieve and evaluate information sources
  • Orientation activities welcome new students to the OCAD U community
Registration Assistance Days (RAD)
  • New students are welcomed to campus, able to meet other new students and receive free, in-person assistance registering for their courses
  • Registration required
  • In addition to providing year-round learning strategy support and academic accommodations to students with disabilities, the Centre for Students with Disabilities offers a week-long intensive summer transition program for new students with disabilities who will be attending OCAD University

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University of Ottawa

Contact the University of Ottawa

Resource Details
Bridging Courses in Science – Summer
  • Offered in summer
Chemistry Help Centre
  • Help for students taking first- and second-year chemistry courses
Help Centre in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Help for students who may have trouble understanding concepts introduced in mathematics and statistics courses
Math Workshops
  • In August, to help students ensure that their math skills are at par
Physics Help Centre
  • Help for students taking first-year physics courses
Science Preparatory Workshop
  • Offered late summer
Student Academic Success Service (SASS)
  • Offers a variety of centres, workshops and study groups to help students in their transition and in the preparation of exams, essays, etc. (Academic Writing Help Centre, Workshops and Study Groups, Mentoring program, Access Services)
Undergraduate Student Guide
  • A summary of tasks and things to think about to help students start off on the right foot—register for courses, pay tuition fees and become familiar with timetable and class locations
  • Information about orientation activities for new students

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Queen’s University

Contact Queen’s University

Resource Details
Academic Counselling and Tutoring Resources
  •  Information about academic support through counselling and tutoring resources
First-Year Bounce Back
  •  A support program offered in the fall and winter terms for first-year undergraduate students who may be struggling academically
Q Success: A First-Year Experience Program
  •  Offers regular events and one-on-one mentoring aimed to help students develop the skills they need to succeed academically, personally and socially
Student Academic Success Services
  • Offers academic support to students who wish to develop their skills in critical thinking, reading, learning, studying, writing, and self-management
Summer Orientation to Academics and Resources
  • Prepare effectively for new academic expectations
  • Prepare for potential personal stresses and academic pressure points during first year
  • Make the most of services and resources to support student learning and academic success
  • Anticipate important academic dates and deadlines
  • Navigate administrative processes, including academic registration and financial accounts
  • Get tips for staying healthy and getting involved in the campus community
  • Students participate in a one-day program in summer; there are specific dates for each faculty
Welcome and Orientation for International Students
  • One-day program for international students new to Queen’s
Welcome Day for International Students
  •  Offers incoming students a chance to meet other Aboriginal students by allowing first-year and transfer Indigenous students the opportunity to move-in to residences one day early

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Ryerson University

Contact Ryerson University

Resource Details
Academic Bridging Courses (via The Chang School of Continuing Education)
  • For students who need general academic upgrading to prepare for postsecondary studies or who lack subject prerequisite requirements for consideration for admission to a degree or certificate program at Ryerson
  • Subject areas include Biology, Chemistry, Advanced Functions, Calculus and Vectors, Data Management, Physics
Math Diagnostic Test for Engineering, Part I and Part II (Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science)
  • Free test of skills on equations and inequalities, polynomial functions and trigonometric functions
  • After taking the diagnostic tests, if students feel they could benefit from a refresher course, they may register for the Math Mini Course
Math Mini Course (Faculty of Engineering & Architectural Science)
  • Free course for newly admitted students to sharpen math skills before starting at Ryerson
  • Non-credit preparation
  • 24 hours, contact for dates
Ryerson’s Academic Preparation (Spanning the Gaps)
  • For students to gain practice writing university-level essays, generate ideas using critical thinking skills, utilize time management techniques to meet deadlines, and learn to properly tailor learning based on their individual learning styles
  • An interactive workshop that provides a comprehensive set of skills for success in a postsecondary environment
Student Learning Support
SHIFT (Students Heading Into Full Time) and Portage
  • Transition programs for students with disabilities who are heading into any postsecondary institution in Ontario
  • Offers participants a space to explore possibilities for personal empowerment, and a positive start to their academic studies
  • To register or find out more, contact

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University of Toronto

Contact the University of Toronto

Resource Details
Academic Orientation
  • Brief overview of what to expect in first year
  • Parents’ welcome – aimed more at parents, but students do attend; focus on what first year is like and what parents can do to support their children
  • Biweekly newsletters on important things to do or remember before the start of term
  • During the summer
Kickstart Program
  • Offers a general orientation to university with some focus on academic transition
  • Academic advising takes place all summer, by appointment and by email
  • Academic orientations for newly admitted students are delivered by the colleges
  • Study skills workshops are typically offered late in the summer
First-Year Foundation Courses In the following areas:

  • Computer Programming
  • Introduction to Design
  • During the summer
  • Fees apply
Free Academic Resources
  • For all registered students
Math Aid Centres
  • Drop-in centres for all Arts and Science students
  • Tutors available on a one-on-one basis
  • During the school year
Math (Assessing Preparedness)
  • Free service
Math (First-Year Calculus)
  • This course teaches the material required for first-year calculus
  • In-class instruction, 2 times/week
  • Fee: $600
Engineering Academic Success Centre
  • Free academic assistance for Engineering students

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University of Toronto – Mississauga

Contact the University of Toronto Mississauga

Resource Details
Office of Student Transition
  • Student Orientation
  • Transition classes for credit
  • Parent and Family Orientation
New Students
  • A comprehensive guide outlining all of the necessary steps to prepare you for a successful start to your university experience
New Student Advising
  • This website includes all the important academic and financial information you need as a new student to prepare for your first year at UTM
  • Course selection workshops and online chats
Summer Academic Skills Institute (S.A.S.I.)
  • Comprehensive learning skills program for students with disabilities
Head Start – Pre-orientation Program
  • Interactive sessions featuring senior student panels, course instructors and simulated classroom experiences designed to introduce you to university expectations
  • Discover the UTM campus and meet new friends as you become prepared for your first week of classes
Residence Orientation
  • Get to know your new home, neighbours and residence community
Orientation and the IEC
  • Orientation events for all students who are interested in international events and activities
Queer Orientation
  • An annual week of LGBTQ-focused programming across all three campuses of U of T during the month of September
Parent & Family Orientation
  • A program designed for parents and families of new UTM students to learn about the transition into life at UTM
Academic Resources
  • For all registered students
Academic Culture and English Program
  • For students who require additional English language skills training

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University of Toronto – Scarborough

Contact the University of Toronto Scarborough

Resource Details
English-Language Development
  • English-language development for students whose first language is not English
Get Started
  • A fun, interactive, full-day academic orientation hosted by the Academic Advising & Career Centre to help students transition to studies at the University of Toronto Scarborough.
Math & Statistics Learning Centre
  • Aims to improve students’ proficiency in various subjects of mathematics and statistics
  • If you have a documented disability, attend the 3-day STARTUP event (parents are invited too!) to learn more about how the AccessAbility Office can help you succeed

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Trent University

Contact Trent University

Resource Details
Academic Advising Academic advising is an ongoing educational partnership between advisor and advisee. Common topics of advising appointments include:

  • Academic goal setting
  • Educational planning
  • Understanding degree requirements
  • Choosing/changing majors
  • Considering “Why am I here?”
  • Achieving academic success
  • Educational decision making
  • Achieving academic success
  • Accessing university supports
  • Understanding transfer credits
Academic Skills Resources Offering in-person and online instruction, as well as online resources, in writing and study skills for success at university, which include:

  • Grammar and composition
  • Critical reading and thinking
  • Listening and note-taking
  • Time management
  • Essay writing
  • Science writing and laboratory reports
  • Research and citation
  • Exam preparation
  • Mathematics
Bring It On! (Peterborough)
  • Provides students with a chance to learn and build strategies for academic and social success through participating in a wide variety of interactive and fun activities with other first-year students new to Trent
  • Students spend the weekend in small groups with other first-year students, participating in a variety of activities across campus lead by upper-year students
  • Fee: $120
  • Advanced registration required
Fall Orientation
  • Contact for dates
  • Academic and social integration sessions, including specialized sessions for residence students, off-campus students, and partnerships with specialized support departments such as colleges, academic skills, First Peoples House of Learning, Trent International, etc.
  • Sessions include just-in-time workshops run by Academic Skills
  • With the use of an online app, upper-year students act as peer mentors for new students, providing valuable information to prepare students for a successful start to the academic year
Student Accessibility Services
  • For students with disabilities to arrange accommodation plans and who need coaching for academic success
Summer Orientation
  • An opportunity for new students to visit campus for a day and attend a variety of presentations and information sessions designed to help new students and their families with their transition to university
  • Advanced registration is required
  • Peterborough Campus
  • Durham-GTA Campus


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University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT)

Contact UOIT

Resource Details
  • Designed to promote academic and personal success by providing insight about what it will be like to be a student at our university.
  • Meet fellow classmates, faculty and staff, learn strategies for attending university lectures, and discuss what might make your university experience unique.
  • Parent and Family Orientation will provide your supports with an opportunity to learn about the student experience at the university, and how they can best support you as you begin and progress through your university career.
Smart Start
  • Free, interactive, one- or two-day sessions that provide students with a recap of foundational academic concepts for their program.
  • Sessions are strongly recommended and specialized programming is offered for all faculties.
  • Students will learn about study skills and time management, and develop effective strategies to be successful in university.
  • Non-credit, registration required.
Peer Mentoring
  • Foster a culture of inclusivity and support for students throughout their postsecondary journey and beyond.
  • The program ensures students have the opportunity to connect with the mentorship community, receive support and engage with their peers.
  • Goals include:
    • Establishing an inclusive and welcoming community of peers that cultivates a network and culture of mentorship.
    • Providing support and guidance to students through various transitions in their postsecondary journey, from acceptance to post-graduation.
    • Engaging participants in personal growth, lifelong learning and leadership opportunities through flexible, experiential programming that leverages the development of interpersonal, academic and professional skills.
    • Creating a unified mentorship network that fosters respectful, interdisciplinary connections between individual peer programs and provides opportunities for collaborative programming.
September Orientation
  • Prepare for success in your first year by learning from upper-year students who volunteer their time to welcome you to the university community.
  • As an incoming student, September Orientation will provide you with opportunities to:
    • familiarize yourself with the campus,
    • learn how to get the most from your university experience and
    • meet new friends, faculty and staff
  • Beginning of September
Summer Transition Program (Student Accessibility Services)
  • Free program for incoming students with documented disabilities.
  • Understand the real differences between high school, college and university.
  • Learn about self-advocacy and how to use your strengths.
  • Learn to use software you will use every day.
  • Learn tried-and-true strategies to make the most of your university experience.
  • Meet key staff who will provide academic and learning support.
  • Become familiar with the campus and the Oshawa area.
  • Contact for dates.
  • Registration required.

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University of Waterloo

Contact the University of Waterloo

Resource Details
Pre-Arrival: Online Resources
  • Free online resources students can reference to help them be successful in their first year, including:
    • Life skills
    • Test Strategies
    • Time Management
    • Notes and Reading
    • Learning
    • Writing Skills
    • Non credit, registration required
Pre-Arrival: Science/Engineering/Environment/Applied Health Sciences 101
  • Attend a free faculty-specific day in July to learn how to be successful in your academic program
  • Non credit, registration suggested
Upon-Arrival: Drop-in Tutoring
  • Free drop-in tutoring is available each term on the main UWaterloo campus for a variety of courses
  • Students enrolled in any of the courses listed may attend to get academic support
  • No credit, no registration required
Upon-Arrival: Mentorship Programs 
  • Departments across the university provide a number of free programs that support Waterloo students in their social, cultural and academic transition to university
  • Peer mentorship programs can connect you with upper-year mentors who act as a non-judgmental, approachable and knowledgeable first resource and support system
  • Each of these programs are targeted at groups of students seeking specific types of support
  • Non credit, registration depends on the program
Upon-Arrival: Success Coach Appointments
  • A success coaching appointment is a free one-on-one meeting, usually with one of our peer success coaches
  • During the meeting you’ll discuss your goals and learn how to develop your skills in order to reach these goals
  • Non credit, registration required
Upon-Arrival: Writing Appointments
  • Free services
  • Get help starting an assignment
  • Work on a piece of writing
  • Talk about how to organize your ideas
  • Learn how to revise and edit
  • 50-minute appointments for an individual or a group
  • Online meetings are available for students completing their degree through the Centre for Extended Learning, for satellite campus students, or for students who are on a co-op work term
  • Non credit, registration suggested

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Western University

Brescia University College, Huron University College, King’s University College

Contact Western University

Resource Details
International & Exchange Student Centre (IESC)
  • The IESC offers the following services to international students:
    • Orientation Activities
    • Peer Guide Program
    • English Conversation Program
    • Individual Assistance
    • Immigration Information and Assistance
    • IESC Events
    • Welcome Centre and after-hours Helpline
    • Porch Light Program
    • International Student Handbook
    • International Student Network
    • Friendly staff and volunteers help welcome new students, provide orientation activities and offer support programs, social events, and individual assistance
    • Students can apply to be matched with an upper-year student who will be their peer guide
    • Global Cafe
Student Development Centre
Student Success Centre
  • The Student Success Centre facilitates the development of career, educational, and life competencies for students through programs and services that:
    • Guide successful transitions
    • Foster local and global citizenship
    • Promote leadership opportunities
    • Encourage personal growth
    • Deliver career resources
    • Ignite active engagement
Student Life Centre (Brescia University College)
  • Focuses on student development and student learning at Brescia
Student Life and Support Services (Huron University College)
  • Focuses on student development and student learning at Huron
Student Support Services (King’s University College)
  • Focuses on student development and student learning at King’s
Summer Academic Writing Clinic
  • A three-day program for incoming first-year students to introduce them to the ins and outs of writing at the university level
  • July and August
Summer Academic Orientation (SAO) (Main Campus)
  • Program for new first-year Western students who will:
    • Receive one-to-one course advising from a professor
    • Meet other first-year and upper-year student leaders from their faculty
    • Receive personalized assistance with timetabling and course registration
    • Learn about important campus resources and supports
    • Complete an individualized assessment to help students understand their strengths and areas of improvement pertaining to the academic transition to university
Summer Orientation Days (SOD) (Brescia University College)
  • Prepares students for the transition from high school to university
Summer Orientation and Academic Registration (SOAR)
  • Prepares students for the transition from high school to university
Summer Academic Orientation (SAO – King’s University College)
  • Prepares students for the transition from high school to university

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Wilfrid Laurier University

Contact Wilfrid Laurier University

Resource Details
Centre for Student Success
  • Triage for all student support inquiries
  • Contains Accessible Learning, Writing Centre, Math Assistance Centre and Study Skills & Supplemental Instruction Centre
  • Offers a glimpse into the student’s academic program, expectations, difference between high school and university and campus services and resources that will help them be successful in universityy. Half-day program designed to make the transition to university life easier for Laurier’s incoming students and their parents
Students Offering Support
  • Offers extensive crash courses prior to tough exams
  • $20 per session; all proceeds go to charitable initiatives
Student Wellness Centre
  • One-stop shop for all student wellness concerns,including counselling and health services – includes drop-in hours and services by appointment covered under Laurier student health plan
  • Located centrally on campus within steps of student residences and academic buildings

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University of Windsor

Contact the University of Windsor

Resource Details
Bridge to University for Individuals with Learning Disabilities (BUILD)– Student Success Centre
  • BUILD is a 5-day, pre-fall semester program that eases the transition to university for students with documented learning disabilities and/or ADHD
  • Explore the unique opportunities and challenges faced by students with learning disabilities
  • Learn about the services and supports available through Student Disability Services
  • Discover valuable techniques, strategies and technology to help maximize learning potential
Connecting4Success Mentorship Program – Student Success Centre
  • A mentorship for First Generation Students to support their transition to the University of Windsor
  • One-on-one support from an upper year student
  • Academic workshops
  • Social events
English Language Improvement Program
  • The Centre for English Language Development provides comprehensive English language preparatory programs for English as an additional language students
Head Start Orientation – Student Success Centre
  • Early orientation for new students while they are still attending high school
  • Finalize course registration
  • Take UwinCARD photo
  • Buy a parking pass
  • Sign the Class of 2019 banner
  • Pick up student handbook
  • Sign up for a UWindsor email account
  • Enter the daily draw to win a $500 award
  • Separate parent and family orientation
Math and Stats Learning Centre
  • The Math and Stats Learning Centre offers assistance to students in first year Math and Statistics courses
Outstanding Scholars Program
  • The Outstanding Scholars Program provides Outstanding Scholars candidates during first year with mentoring that lays the groundwork for entering the Outstanding Scholars Program in second year
Peer Support Centre
  • The Peer Support Centre is a drop-in centre where students from across campus can find a supportive peer to talk to
  • Safe and inclusive space where trained peer support volunteers offer peer counselling to all University of Windsor students
Skills to Enhance Personal Success (STEPS) – Student Success Centre
  • STEPS offers workshops throughout the semester to introduce practical methods that can help students improve learning and study skills across disciplines
Student Counselling Centre
  • The Student Counselling Centre provides free, confidential counselling as well as consultation and referral services
  • Services are provided by psychologists, clinical therapists, a registered nurse and master’s-level graduate students
Student Accessibility Services – Student Success and Leadership Centre
  • Students seeking academic accommodation for an ongoing, diagnosed disability (whether permanent or temporary) are supported by Student Accessibility Services
  • Meet with an Intake Advisor
  • Register with Student Accessibility Services
Windsor Welcome Week – Student Success Centre
  • New student orientation is provided throughout students’ first week on campus
  • Academic program orientation
  • Welcoming Celebration
  • Social activities
  • Annual Welcome Back Concert
Writing Support for Students – Student Success Centre
  • Peer writing advisors and volunteers provide writing support to students at any stage of the writing process
Learning Centres – Faculty of Science
  • Various Learning Centres are a valuable resource for students taking science courses at the University of Windsor, who are looking for assistance
    • Chemistry & Physics Resource Centre
    • Computer Science Resource Centre
    • Economics Help Centre
    • Math Resource Centre
    • Science Tutor/MySci Advisor program
    • Earth and Environmental Sciences Resource Centre
Faculty of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences Mentorship Program
  • Student mentors receive training to act as peer-learning facilitators in certain first-year classes
Odette School of Business: Odette Student Success Centre
  • Provides you with a team of highly skilled advisors who are available to help you throughout your university career
Faculty of Engineering: WINONE
  • Through the WINONE office, we will promote a positive learning experience and environment for all of our first-year students
  • Whether your transition is from high school, a local or international college or university, our WINONE first-year office is here to guide you in this new and demanding environment
Human Kinetics: Kin-One First Year Experience Program
  • First-year HK students are automatically members of the Kin-One First Year Experience Program
Faculty of Nursing
  • Dedicated, highly skilled faculty, clinical instructors, staff, and enthusiastic student body enhance the education experience of UWindsor nursing students by offering a variety of support services, which include, but are not limited to:
    • Peer mentors (Nursing Lab)
    • First-year support and tutoring
    • Academic and career advising
    • Student counselling services

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York University

Contact York University

Resource Details
Career Centre
  • The Career Centre offers workshops, programs, one-on-one appointments, networking events, career fairs, an online job board and other resources to help students clarify career goals and find professional opportunities up until two years after graduation.
Writing Centre
  • Students can access in-person and online webcam one-to-one writing support, ESL and disability support specialists, topical workshops and graduate student programming. Group sessions also offered.
  • Other writing centres at York
SPARK (Student Papers and Academic Research Kit)
  • The SPARK website offers resources to help students enhance their research, writing and critical-skills development.
 Learning Skills Services
  • Students learn practical approaches to manage their time, achieve school-work-life balance, develop study strategies, tackle stress/anxiety and hone exam preparation skills through group workshops, peer academic coaching, one-on-one sessions and drop-in hours.
 Project ADVANCE
  • This is a summer transition program to help students with documented disabilities prepare for postsecondary studies at York.
 Strengthening Transitions for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
  • This program helps students with ASD transition into a postsecondary program through workshops, info sessions, support groups, mentorship programs and assistive technology aids.
Math Help
  • Mini-courses, tutorials, tutor services and planned exercises through Bethune College (at York).
Student Community and Leadership Development
  • The SCLD team supports and empowers students as they transition into and through their university experience, building leadership, community, and York pride through an array of programs and services.
YU Start
  • The YU START program helps new students transition into their first year at York by helping them to enrol in courses, connect with classmates, network with upper-year students and get acquainted with campus life and students resources on York Orientation Day.

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Glendon Campus, York University

Contact Glendon Campus, York University directly

Resource Details
Lion’s Den
  • After enrolling, students visit the Lion’s Den where they will find information on student services, orientation activities, and other resources to help with their transition to university.
JumpStart: Successful Transition to University
  • A one-week program to help first-year students successfully transition to university life in both the academic and personal spheres.
  • This program provides tools that enable students to better meet the challenges of university life, to develop effective study techniques and to better adapt to their new environment.

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