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TEAS – Profils d’expérience et formulaires supplémentaires


Consulter la demande et le site Web de l’université pour accéder aux tout derniers renseignements relative aux programmes.

Université Laurentienne

Non requis.

Université de l’Ontario français

Le Profil de candidature [PDF] est obligatoire. Veuillez soumettre votre profil avec votre demande.

Université d’Ottawa

(Aussi disponible en anglais.)

Formation à l’enseignement : Une fois que l’Université d’Ottawa aura reçu votre demande, vous aurez accès à un compte uoZone où vous trouverez le Profil d’expérience, que vous devez remplir et soumettre en ligne.

Le profil d’expérience et l’examen de compétence linguistique sont obligatoires.

En anglais seulement :

Brock University

Once Brock receives your application, they will send you information on how to complete Brock’s Experience Profile (mandatory).

The Teachable Subject Clarification Form is mandatory for Junior/Intermediate and Intermediate/Senior only. This form is accessible through your Brock student portal after you submit your application.

The Special Admission Consideration Form is optional.

If you apply in September or early October, you will receive an acknowledgement email from Brock in mid-October. This email will instruct you on how to access your Brock student portal, complete your Experience Profile and submit your Teachable Subject Clarification Form (where applicable). If you apply in mid-October forward, you will receive an acknowledgement email within 2 business days of submitting your application, providing the same information.

Lakehead University

Not required.

Nipissing University

An experience profile is not required.

Once Nipissing receives your application, they will send you an acknowledgement email with a link to their Next Steps website. The website will contain information on accessibility categories and requirements, and a link to the application form.

The Next Steps website will also have information and required supplemental forms for applicants to Junior/Intermediate or Intermediate/Senior who declare Music and/or Visual Arts as their teaching subject. You should submit all supplemental materials  using Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM).

Trent University

Trent will send you information within 3 business days of receiving your application to activate your myTrent applicant portal and complete the Profile of Experience and Course List. Check your junk mail folder if you have not received this email within 3 days.

Trent’s Equity Admission Form is available through your myTrent account.

Instructions for the Trent Profile of Experience, Course List and Equity Admission Form

Wilfrid Laurier University

You must submit a completed supplemental application that contains your required documents for admission, including unofficial copies of your transcript(s).

You must submit Laurier’s Experience Profile, which is a strong component of your application for admission. You will detail your lived experiences, backgrounds and understandings, and indicate your commitment to the teaching profession and to inclusive, inquiry-based and innovative learning communities in the profile.

If you are an applicant to the J/I program, you must also submit the Laurier Teachable Requirements Form in your supplemental application. In the form, you will self-identify how your undergraduate university courses meet the subject requirements for your teachable.

You receive access to submit your supplemental application after you apply through the OUAC. Laurier recommends that you leave enough time between the OUAC and supplemental application deadlines.

York University

Once York receives your TEAS application, they will send you information to complete the Supplementary Information Form, which includes 2 online letters of reference.

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