I will finish my OSSD (including six 4U/M courses) at the end of January. Can I begin university studies then?

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Yes, a few Ontario universities offer programs that begin in January or May. You must apply for admission to these programs by the stipulated deadline dates.

Those universities whose winter term programs begin in January will normally require that you complete your OSSD, including six 4U/M courses. You will have to make special arrangements with your high school if you must begin university studies prior to writing your final examinations. Also, be sure that you understand any conditions of your admission to the university and/or risks that might be involved, such as loss of tuition fees, scholarship consideration, etc.

See your guidance counsellor about available winter and spring term programs. Contact the university’s admissions office well in advance if you have any concerns.

You may apply for fall term (September) admission at the same time you apply for winter or spring term if you think you might change your mind and wish to postpone until the fall. You should not, however, apply to the same program code twice for different entry points. If you are not granted admission for the earlier entry point, you can amend your application to the next available entry point.