Important Dates & Announcements

  • The OUAC applications will be unavailable on Monday, June 26, from 7 to 8 am and Tuesday, July 4, from 7 am to 1 pm.

  • After 2 years of hard work and dedication, we are excited to announce the launch of the new OUAC website! Have a look around – we’ve aimed to create a more informative and user-friendly website.

  • The Admission Information Service allows Ontario high school students to determine which universities have places remaining in specific programs.

  • These faculties of education have opted to keep their applications open.

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Learn More About…

Get to Know Ontario’s Universities

Ontario Universities’ Info (OUInfo) is a guide to Ontario universities for Ontario high school students. It provides information about university programs, admission requirements and more. OUInfo should be used as a starting point for researching university options.

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