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How-to Videos

How to Create Your OUAC Account (All Applications)

This video tutorial is the first in a series about applying to an Ontario university through the OUAC.

In this video you will see how to log in to your application for the first time by creating your OUAC Account.

Video Transcript: How to Create Your OUAC Account

How-to Videos (Undergraduate Application)

The following how-to videos guide you through the Undergraduate Application.

View these videos in an alternative format (PDF, PPT).

How to Complete Your Undergraduate Application

This video will walk you through the steps of completing, reviewing and paying for your Undergraduate Application.

Video Transcript: How to Complete Your Application

How to Edit Your Completed Application

This video explains how to review and edit your application after you submit it, and includes examples of how to add and withdraw choices, and send your updates to your university choices.

Video Transcript: How to Edit Your Application

How to Respond to an Offer of Admission

This video explains how to check for university offers of admission and how to accept or decline those offers.

Video Transcript: How to Respond to an Offer of Admission

How to Use OUInfo: Your Starting Point for Researching Ontario’s Universities

This video explores the OUInfo website – a searchable resource that provides up-to-date information about:

  • Ontario universities,
  • programs,
  • scholarships,
  • residences,
  • campus tours and events and
  • more.

Video Transcript: How to Use OUInfo

Alternative Formats (PPT, PDF – Undergraduate Application)

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