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Can I defer my acceptance until next year or later?

If you are admitted to a university but wish to delay your studies for a year or more, you will need to reach an agreement with the university in question. The university will determine any conditions. When you are ready to attend university, you may be required to re-apply through the OUAC. Contact the university for more details. If you are required to apply through the OUAC, you will need to submit the appropriate application fee(s) and respect any application deadlines.

Does it matter how I number my university or program choices?

For the most part, no. Whether you list a university or a specific program as first, second, third or higher on the application is not normally a factor in the universities’ admissions decisions. A university must make its policy clear in its own information where there are exceptions to the policy of using the numbered list of choices. Your numbered list of choices does provide valuable information to the university admission offices. This is particularly true for limited enrollment programs. Admission officials use this data to project the number of applicants who are likely to accept offers of admission, so the university can plan its resources accordingly…

How many universities and programs can I choose to apply to in my application?

You may apply to as many Ontario universities and programs as you wish; however, you are limited to a maximum of 3 program choices at any 1 university (including affiliates). Some universities may further limit the number of programs you may apply to. Make sure that you carefully read the details and instructions offered by each institution. Consult the individual university websites or contact the universities directly for more information.

I am trying to accept my offer, but it says the offer has expired. What can I do?

If the offer link is still active, you may select it to accept. The university is allowing you to accept this offer after the expiry date. However, before accepting this offer, you should contact the university to verify how long the offer is valid after the expiry date, especially if you are cancelling an accepted offer to accept the expired offer.If the offer link is not active, the university is not allowing you to accept this offer after the expiry date. If you still want to accept the offer, you will need to contact the university directly to see if they will send a new offer to the OUAC for you to accept…

I changed my name in my OSAP application. Why did it not change in my OUAC application?

The OSAP and OUAC applications do not share personal and address (bio/demo) information on a continual basis. When you link, you allow the OUAC to share your bio/demo information with OSAP once. If you change your bio/demo information after linking, you will need to update both your OUAC and your OSAP accounts. To save time, we recommend ensuring all information is accurate before you link…

I forgot my OUAC password.

You can use the “Forgot your password?” link to reset your password. This functionality is available on your OUAC application and on the OUAC-OSAP link page. You will need to provide your OUAC username and the email address associated with your OUAC Account. A link to reset your password will be emailed to you and will expire 1 hour after the time sent…

I forgot my OUAC username.

You can use the “Recover your username” link to retrieve your username. This functionality is available on the login page of your OUAC application and on the OUAC-OSAP link page. You will need to provide your date of birth and the email address associated with your OUAC Account. The username will be emailed to you…

I lost my OUAC Reference Number. Can you give it to me?

The OUAC requires your full name, address, birth date and other relevant application information to verify your identity before providing your OUAC Reference Number. You will find your OUAC Reference Number in the email that was sent to you when you submitted your application, and in the Application Status summary on your Hub. If you are a current Ontario high school student, your guidance counsellor can also provide your OUAC Reference Number.

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