Frequently Asked Questions: After Applying

Are application fees refundable?

Applications: Teacher (TEAS) Categories: After Applying

No, fees are non-refundable.

Can I get a tax receipt for my TEAS application fees?

Applications: Teacher (TEAS) Categories: After Applying

Because the OUAC is not a university, application fees are not tax-deductible. However, you can print receipts for application fees (for uses other than tax returns) directly from the application.

Can I withdraw from a program and/or add a new program choice after I submit my application?

Yes, you can change your program choices by logging in to your application and going to “Choices/Offers”, as long as the deadline has not passed. To withdraw a program, select “Withdraw” in the Actions column beside the program. To add another program, select “Add Program”.

Do I have to respond to an offer of admission if I plan to decline the offer?

Applications: Teacher (TEAS) Categories: After Applying

It is not mandatory to decline an offer of admission, and not all faculties will ask for declines.

How can I be sure that my TEAS application was submitted successfully?

Applications: Teacher (TEAS) Categories: After Applying

The actual “Submit” process consists of the following 2 steps: You will review all information you entered in the application and accept a declaration that the application is complete and accurate by clicking “I Verify and Agree”. You will enter your payment information and click “Finish” to submit your completed application to TEAS. If you…

How do I make changes (e.g., an address change, a new transcript request, etc.) to my application after I submit it?

If you changed your application information or responded to an offer, the following steps are required to submit your changes: Scroll to the end and click “Save and Continue” to save your changes. Click “Review and Submit” in the Applications Links menu. Review your application information to ensure that you successfully saved your changes/responses. Scroll…

How do I make changes to my submitted application?

Applications: Teacher (TEAS) Categories: After Applying

If you would like to submit changes to the OUAC and your universities of choice, log in to your submitted application. You will need to enter your changes and then complete the following “Submit” steps: Click “Review and Submit”. Review and verify your application information. Read the “Applicant’s Declaration” clause and click “I verify and…

How do I respond to an offer of admission?

Log in to your application and select “Choices/Offers” in the Applicant Links menu. If you received an offer of admission, it will be displayed on this screen. To respond to an offer, click the offer, which will lead you to the Response to Offer page.

How do I submit my fall 2021 and winter 2022 marks?

Applications: Law (OLSAS) Categories: After Applying

First-year applicants who complete courses in December 2021 are required to send their fall 2021 grades to OLSAS by February 1, 2022. All applicants submitting fall grades must provide an official transcript. Sessional grade reports or online printouts are not acceptable. Read more about requirements for current academic transcripts for first-year applicants. Final, official transcripts…

How will my GPA for my international institutions be calculated?

We do not include grades from institutions outside of Canada and the United States in the GPA calculations.