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Can I defer my acceptance until next year or later?

If you are admitted to a university but wish to delay your studies for a year or more, you will need to reach an agreement with the university in question. The university will determine any conditions. When you are ready to attend university, you may be required to re-apply through the OUAC. Contact the university for more details. If you are required to apply through the OUAC, you will need to use the correct application, submit the appropriate application fee and respect any application deadlines. If you are not a current Ontario high school student in a day program, you must use the 105 application…

How can I be sure that my TEAS application was submitted successfully?

The actual “Submit” process consists of the following 2 steps: You will review all information you entered in the application, and accept a declaration that the application is complete and accurate by clicking “I Verify and Agree”. You will enter your payment information and click “Finish” to submit your completed application to TEAS. If you have successfully submitted your payment, you will receive a 6-digit TEAS reference number. Keep a record of this number, as you will need it for future communication with TEAS…

How do I accept my offer of admission?

When the universities have evaluated your application, they will send an admission decision directly to you. If a university has offered you admission, they will include instructions for responding through your application in your admission package…

How do I respond to an offer of admission?

Log in to your application and select “Choices/Offers” in the “Applicant Links” menu. If you have received an offer of admission, it will be displayed on this screen. To respond to an offer, click on the offer, which will lead you to the “Response to Offer” screen…

I am applying to the University of Toronto as an MD/PhD applicant. What additional materials do I need to submit and how do I submit them?

You are required to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) via Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM), as outlined on the University of Toronto’s information page in the OMSAS Application Guide.

If you apply to the MD/PhD program, you must also submit 3 additional letters of reference, along with the accompanying MD/PhD Reference Form.

MD/PhD reference letters are confidential and must be either mailed directly to OMSAS or submitted via the online reference system, through your OMSAS application. They will not be accepted via SAM.

I am trying to accept my offer online but it says the offer has expired. What can I do?

If the offer link is still active, you may select it to accept. The university is allowing you to accept this offer after the expiry date. However, before accepting this offer, you should contact the university to verify how long the offer is valid after the expiry date, especially if you are cancelling an accepted offer to accept the expired offer.If the offer link is not active, the university is not allowing you to accept this offer after the expiry date. If you still want to accept the offer, you will need to contact the university directly to see if they will send a new offer to the OUAC for you to accept…

I have just accepted an offer online and “Unsubmitted Acceptance” appears under “Applicant Response”. Have I done something wrong in accepting the offer?

“Unsubmitted Acceptance” appears on the “Choices/Offers” screen after you click on an offer and accept it. At this point, you have accepted the offer but have not submitted the acceptance to the OUAC.To properly accept the offer of admission, click “Review and Submit” and complete the submit process. You will receive a confirmation number by email along with a summary of your responses to offers of admission and/or changes to your application information. Keep this email for your records….

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