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How do I link my OUAC application to my OSAP application?

Note: You must have a current Undergraduate application to link to your OSAP account.
You can link using any of these options:

Go directly to the OSAP website.
Click any of the OSAP banners or links on the OUAC website or within your application.
Click your “OSAP Link Status” within your completed OUAC application.

I changed my name in my OSAP application. Why did it not change in my OUAC application?

The OSAP and OUAC applications do not share personal and address (bio/demo) information on a continual basis. When you link, you allow the OUAC to share your bio/demo information with OSAP once. If you change your bio/demo information after linking, you will need to update both your OUAC and your OSAP accounts. To save time, we recommend ensuring all information is accurate before you link…

I forgot my OUAC password.

You can use the “Forgot your password?” link to reset your password. This functionality is available on your OUAC application and on the OUAC-OSAP link page. You will need to provide your OUAC username and the email address associated with your OUAC Account. A link to reset your password will be emailed to you and will expire 1 hour after the time sent…

I forgot my OUAC username.

You can use the “Recover your username” link to retrieve your username. This functionality is available on the login page of your OUAC application and on the OUAC-OSAP link page. You will need to provide your date of birth and the email address associated with your OUAC Account. The username will be emailed to you…

I may need financial assistance to attend university. What about scholarships?

Applicants can take advantage of a variety of scholarships available at all Ontario universities. The Ontario Government also has a financial aid program to assist students in need of funding in order to pursue a university education. Some university scholarships are available for applicants entering their first year of study and some are renewable for additional years if they satisfy certain conditions. Be sure to accept offers of scholarships by the stipulated reply deadline…

I want to add program choices to my application and pay using online banking. What can I do?

If you have already submitted and paid for your application but now wish to add more program choices, you may be required to pay additional fees. If you originally paid through online banking and would like to pay any additional fees by online banking, you may use the same account number. Once the OUAC receives and processes your payment, you will be able to add the new program choices to your application. Remember to review and submit your changes. You will receive a confirmation number by email along with a summary of your responses to offers of admission and/or changes to your application information. Keep this email for your records….

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