Common Questions: Medical (OMSAS)

My credit card statement shows “OUAC Guelph”. I did not apply to the University of Guelph. Is there a problem?

“OUAC Guelph” refers to the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre. We are located in Guelph, Ontario. The OUAC processes all applications and payments. The specific universities you applied to will not be listed on your credit card invoice.

At the end of the application I see a warning and/or an error. What do I do?

Please read any errors or warnings carefully. If you have a warning, you can proceed with submitting your application. If you have an error, you must correct it before you can submit. Return to the screen mentioned in the error message and correct the error.

I am trying to sign up for the CASPer test but when I enter my OMSAS IT number in the User ID, it says that the OMSAS ID can only be 6-digits long. What ID do I use to sign up for my CASPer test?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

You cannot use your IT number to sign up for the CASPer test. Once you submit your OMSAS application you will receive a 6-digit reference number which you will use for the CASPer test. Note: Please use your current 2017 reference number to sign up for the CASPer test. You cannot use a previous year’s…

How can I find out which documents the OUAC has received to support my application?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

Beginning the third week of September, after you have submitted your application, you can inquire online to determine which transcripts and mailed references, have been received by OMSAS. You must wait 2 business days after submitting your application and paying your application fees before you can access this tool. This information will also be presented…

I’m confused about the deadline for references.

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

The Confidential Assessment forms should be received by October 1, 2016. Failure to meet this deadline will delay the first evaluation and the application will be sent to the medical schools without these forms.

If I submit on the deadline date and order a transcript from an Ontario institution online, will my transcript be considered on time?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

Yes, receipt of the online Transcript Request (that forms part of the OMSAS application) by October 1, 2016, satisfies the transcript deadline requirement.

When I enter my grades from a US institution, my academic record comes up as non-convertible. What can I do?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

American grades are not automatically converted by the online application, as OMSAS must first review your transcript to determine the applicable scale. Once this is done, you will be able to view your application data in the Verification of Application Data report available online.

I am applying to the University of Toronto as a graduate applicant. What additional materials do I need to submit? How do I submit these documents?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

You are required to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a letter along with the accompanying Graduate Supervisor Form [PDF], from your graduate supervisor, as outlined in the OMSAS Application Guide. If you apply to the MD/PhD program, you must also submit 3 additional letters of reference, along with the accompanying MD/PhD Reference Form [PDF].…

I didn’t get accepted this year and want to apply again next year. Where can I receive a copy of my application, and will OMSAS keep my references and transcripts?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: After Applying

You can print off a copy of your application by logging into your account. This must be done before June 30, 2017, as your account will be deleted after that date. All applicants are required to submit new references and transcripts each year.

If I am using my Advanced Placement (AP) classes as prerequisites for medical school, how do I send my AP transcript to OMSAS?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

If your AP transcript contains grades for prerequisite courses, you will have to mail or fax your request to the AP College Board. The College Board will then mail your transcript to OMSAS. Note: OMSAS is unable to receive the electronic AP transcripts and does not have a 4 digit institution code.