I have accepted my offer online but have changed my mind. I now want to apply to a different program at the same university. How can I change my program choice?

Contact the university’s admission office directly for clarification, as some universities may issue you only 1 offer of admission.

Depending on the university’s policy for offers of admission, you could be advised to:

  • Add the new program choice to your application.
    • If you already have 3 program choices selected in your application, you will need to pay an additional choice fee when adding a new program choice.
    • If you receive an offer of admission for the new program choice, you will need to cancel your original acceptance before accepting the new offer.
    • If you do not receive an offer of admission for the new program choice, you might choose to continue with your original accepted offer.
  • Withdraw your accepted choice and cancel your accepted offer. Then, add your new program choice. You will not be charged an additional fee to replace one program with another at the same university.

Remember to review and submit your changes. You will receive a confirmation number by email along with a summary of your responses to offers of admission and/or changes to your application information. Keep this email for your records.