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Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.



Founded in 1848, the University of Ottawa is ranked the 137th best university in the world and 7th best in Canada by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023.

With our unique bilingual nature, which allows our students to learn, work and live in English, French or both, we are committed to academic excellence and value diversity and inclusion. Each year, thousands of students from more than 145 countries join our community to explore new cultures and ideas.

Last year, more than $116 million dollars in scholarships were allocated to undergraduate students, making our scholarship and bursary program one of the most generous in the country.

We run the fifth-largest co-op program in Canada, our French Immersion program is the best in the country and our students have access to top-notch international exchanges in over 100 countries.

Our picturesque campus in the heart of downtown Ottawa is an ideal setting in which to enjoy an exceptional education. Ottawa consistently ranks as one of the best cities in the world to live in because of its cultural diversity, cost of living and vibrant student life. 



We offer more than 350 flexible undergraduate programs in English and French that let you create your academic path with customized degrees across 6 direct-entry faculties, including:

  • Arts,
  • Science,
  • Social Sciences,
  • Health Sciences,
  • Engineering and
  • our business school, the Telfer School of Management.

Many of our programs are among the top 10 in Canada. Whether you are a computer whiz with an interest in entrepreneurship, or an aspiring sports therapist who wants to gain some business savvy, we will help you find the winning combination.


Key Dates

Admission Points

We offer 3 admission terms at the undergraduate level:

  • Fall, starting in September, for all undergraduate programs.
  • Winter, starting in January, for most programs in the faculties of Arts, Social Sciences, Science and the Telfer School of Management.
  • Spring/summer, starting in May or July, for most programs in the faculties of Arts and Social Sciences.


Some competitive programs have earlier deadlines.

February 15, 2024:

  • Biomedical Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering 
  • Computer Science (including with Mathematics) 
  • Data Science 
  • Social Work
  • Software Engineering

March 1, 2024:

  • Health Sciences
  • Human Kinetics (BSc) 
  • Nursing

April 1, 2024:

  • Acting (BFA)
  • Criminology (including joint programs)
  • Music (BMus)
  • Music and Science (integrated program)
  • Psychology (including joint programs)
  • Visual Arts (BFA)
  • All other Engineering programs

Find all deadlines and available programs for each term for:


Admission Requirements

Current Ontario High School Students

You must have an Ontario high school diploma with at least six 4U/M- or DU-level courses to be eligible for admission to the first year of university. 

Canadian High School Students From Outside of Ontario

To be admitted to university from a high school outside of Ontario, you must complete the minimum number of courses required by your province or territory to earn a high school diploma.

If you are coming from a lycée français, we can consider your application for admission to a bachelor’s program.

Home-schooled Applicants

We evaluate home-schooled applicants on an individual basis. If you are a home-schooler applying without a high school diploma, you must present alternative credentials for admission.

International Applicants

The eligibility for international applicants depends on the level of education you have completed or are completing, as well as the program. 

Follow these steps for Canadians studying abroad if you are a Canadian citizen, currently studying abroad.

Transfer Students

  • If you have attempted 12 CEGEP courses, including the prerequisites for your chosen program, but excluding make-up courses, we consider you a CEGEP applicant.
  • If you have your college diploma, or if you do not have your college diploma, but have completed at least 2 terms (1 year) in the same college program, we consider you a college transfer student.
  • If you have your university degree or have completed the equivalent of at least 24 units (credits) in a Canadian university, we consider you a university transfer student.

Mature and Other Students

If your background does not match the other applicant types, you can still apply for admission as a mature applicant

Special Circumstances and Pathways

Additional Admission Information


Supporting Documents


Determine the admission category you belong to. Once you have determined this, refer to “Step 4. Provide the documents” from the page that best describes your situation. You will be able to submit the required documents to the University of Ottawa before the deadlines.

Language Requirements

All our programs, with a few exceptions, are offered in English and French. This provides the possibility to study in English, French or a mixture of both. If you wish to apply to programs where the language of instruction is French, you must refer to the programs with French names in the application and use the appropriate program codes.

Proficiency in French does not affect admission. Except for language courses, you write your work and answer exam questions in the official language of your choice. Second-language courses are optional.

The French Immersion Stream is designed for students who have followed a French-as-a-second-language program. This option is not available if you have completed your studies in a French-language high school or have never studied French before, nor if you are an international student with a DELF Score of B2 or higher.

Language Requirements for International Applicants

If you are applying for an English-language program and have not completed at least 3 years of full-time study in an institution where English is the only language of instruction (aside from in language courses) in a country where English is an official language, you must submit your official score in one of the language tests noted on our website. The official results must be sent directly to us online from the test centre.

We do not consider your citizenship as a proof of language proficiency. Your 3 years of full-time study in English must be at the secondary or university level. We do not consider elementary studies.

Supplemental Documents

Any additional requirements are indicated in the program prerequisites.


Scholarships, Bursaries and Financial Aid

With one of the most generous scholarships and bursary programs in the country, we can help you pay your tuition. Every year, we offer millions of dollars in scholarships and bursaries, including to international students. 


Offers of Admission

We do not mail offers of admissions. You will receive a PDF of your offer in your uoZone account.

The deadline for accepting the offer will be indicated on your offer letter. Make sure to accept your offer in your OUAC application before the deadline.

We rarely offer extensions for acceptance of an offer. It takes 3-4 weeks to get a decision from the University of Ottawa. Most of our offers are conditional offers, we will not issue a new letter once your admission conditions have been verified.

Offers for Current Ontario High School Applicants

You will receive an offer for all your choices if you meet the admission requirements for your intended program of study.

Offers for Canadian High School Students from Outside of Ontario

You will receive an offer for your top choice if you meet the admission requirements for your intended program of study. You will need to communicate with us if you would like an offer in a secondary program.

Offers for International Applicants

You will receive an offer for your top choice if you meet the admission requirements for your intended program of study. You will need to communicate with us if you would like an offer in a secondary program. If that is the case, your initial offer will be withdrawn for us to consider you for your second choice.


Accessibility Services

The Academic Accommodations Service works with the entire university community to provide support to students with temporary or permanent disabilities.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

We pride ourselves on being a safe, welcoming university where diversity and inclusion are highly valued. We are firmly committed to working to eliminate all forms of racism, discrimination and harassment. Here are just a few of many groups on campus:



Feel right at home living in 1 of our 11 residences either on or off campus, or get tips on living in nearby neighbourhoods.


Campus Tours and Events

Our events, activities and campus tours will allow you to meet representatives from the University of Ottawa and learn more about us.



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