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How is my sub-GPA calculated?

The sub-GPA is based on your 10 most recent undergraduate courses, the equivalent of 20 ORPAS course lengths, even if:

  • the courses did not count toward a degree.
  • the courses were not taken at the university where a degree was awarded.

This additional calculation will include supplemental courses (summer, part-time, intersession, correspondence). Failed courses are also included.

Courses without a numeric/alpha grade or any other non-convertible grade will not be included in the calculation (i.e., PASS grade designations).

The sub-GPA is calculated by adding the ORPAS converted grades and course lengths, beginning with the most recent grouping/duration, to a total of 20 ORPAS course lengths.

Where course grades/lengths must be extracted from a full term to make up the 20 course grades/lengths required, the average of the next grouping/duration of ORPAS GPA values will be used.

In the situation, where “Full-time”, “Supplementary” and “Semester” durations exist for the same year, the “Supplementary” grades will be used first, then “Semester” and then “Full-time”.

This calculation will include the current year’s fall terms finals.

For more information, review ORPAS – GPA Calculations.

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