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Undergraduate – Applicant Responsibilities


Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.

Where to Start

Do Your Research

Follow the Application Process

  • Submit complete and correct information in your application.
  • Pay the applicable fees.
  • Meet university-specific application deadlines (e.g., for submitting the application, transcripts and portfolios, if required, and for arranging interviews and auditions).
  • Keep your OUAC username, password and Reference Number confidential and secure. Notify us immediately if you suspect any unauthorized access, use or disclosure of this information.
  • Keep your personal and contact information up to date in your application.

General Information and Procedures

Important Things to Know

You are permitted only 1 Undergraduate application for each school year. The OUAC will not grant refunds if we receive multiple applications and payments. We will maintain only the original application.

  • Use the Undergraduate Application to apply for admission to undergraduate programs in 2024. For applications to subsequent years (i.e., 2025 and beyond), you must start a new application at that time. You can obtain this application from the OUAC beginning in September of the year before you expect your studies to begin. You will be required to pay a new processing fee and any applicable additional fees.
  • The application service fees noted in this Application Guide are valid for 2024 admission only.
  • We will send you an acknowledgement of submission email immediately after you submit your application.

Applying for Part-time Study

You must use the Undergraduate Application to apply to part‑time studies at some universities. If this information is not specified within the individual university information pages, contact the university directly to obtain more information on how to apply.

Remember that the application service fees are non‑refundable; if you use this application in error, we will not refund application fees.

Applying to a University Where You Previously Registered

Some universities require you to apply directly through their institutions (not through the OUAC) if you were previously registered there. Rules about re‑applying vary; therefore, contact the university you previously attended to determine whether you should use the Undergraduate Application.

Reporting Previous Attendance at a University or College

You must provide information about all universities or colleges you attended, since universities normally consider all educational experiences to be part of the academic background. Universities need to know your complete academic background to process your application.

Official transcripts and other documents may be required.

Getting Financial Aid

You must request information about scholarships, bursaries and financial aid directly from each university. There is no centralized financial service in Ontario, and each university offers different levels of assistance.

Some universities offer scholarships based on academic merit to international applicants. Contact the individual universities for details.

Getting Student Health Insurance (for International Students)

International applicants and their dependants are not eligible for free medical coverage under the Ontario Health Insurance Plan. As a result, Ontario universities have a compulsory private plan that provides equivalent coverage. More information about this plan is available from the individual universities.

Applying for a Study Permit (Visa)

Citizens of other countries who want to study in Canada must obtain a study permit before they can be admitted to the country. You must contact an immigration official at a Canadian embassy that serves your country and provide proof of admission to a program of study in Canada before applying for the study permit.

Tuition fees for candidates applying to Ontario universities with a study permit are higher than those for Canadian citizens and permanent residents (landed immigrants).

Verifying Documents

All documents are routinely verified by the universities. Evidence of false documents will result in you being banned from the university. Information about false or incomplete documents is shared with Universities Canada.

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