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Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.



A young, dynamic university, we are known for prioritizing student success and providing a top-notch student experience.

With approximately 4,000 full-time students, our average class size is around 29, and the faculty-to-student ratio is one of the best in Ontario. Small, interactive classes combined with supportive, accessible professors encourage self-expression, collaboration and participation. 

We are located in North Bay on a stunning 291 hectares of Canadian Shield forest. We are a 3.5-hour drive north of downtown Toronto and a 4-hour drive northwest of Ottawa.



We do not consider the ranking of program choices in the OUAC Application when we make admission decisions.


Key Dates

Admission Points

Admission to studies at Nipissing is available at 3 points:

  • September: Full-time or part-time
  • January: Full-time or part-time
  • May: Part-time

For admission in January and May or part-time for September, apply directly to Nipissing.

If you are an international student studying in Canada (on a study permit) or studying in another country (no status in Canada), you should apply using the Nipissing International Application portal.


We encourage you to apply early.

Unless otherwise indicated, we should receive applications and documentation by April 1, 2024, to ensure consideration for fall admission. We will consider late applications on an individual basis.

Some programs have earlier deadlines (for applicants who are not Ontario high school students). We highly recommend that you review all information on the program details page of the program that you are interested in.


Admission Requirements

Current Ontario High School Students

We make admission decisions based on evidence of enrollment in 4U/M courses, including prerequisite courses. The minimum average for full-time admission consideration for most degree programs at Nipissing is at least 70% and may be higher. The cut-off average for some specific programs and/or majors is at least 75%, with some limited enrollment programs having an even higher cut-off average.

We calculate admission averages using the best six 4U/M marks (midterm or interim and final), including prerequisite courses. Prerequisite courses must be at the 4U level.

Canadian High School Students From Outside of Ontario

If you are a Canadian high school applicant, you are responsible for ensuring that official transcripts are sent directly from your school showing all final grades and midterm grades for courses in progress to Nipissing University by April 1, 2024.

Home-schooled Applicants

We will consider your application for admission to undergraduate studies if you have completed your high school education through a program of home-schooling.

We may consider the type of program, measurable results (i.e., SAT, AP or ACT scores) and other factors (including letters of reference and/or a personal interview) in the admission decision. We encourage you to read more about Homeschool Admission or email the Admissions Office for further information.

International Applicants

If you are an international student studying in Canada (on a study permit) or studying in another country (no status in Canada), you should apply using the Nipissing International Application portal.

Transfer Students

If you have attended, or are currently attending, a recognized Canadian postsecondary institution, we may consider you for admission and/or you may be eligible for transfer credit. If you already have an undergraduate degree, you may apply to complete a second degree.

Mature Students

If you do not qualify for undergraduate admission as a regularly qualified applicant (according to the Admissions Office), we may consider you for admission as a mature student.

Letter of Permission (LOP) Students

If you are enrolled at another recognized university, you may apply for admission on an LOP. If admitted, you can complete approved Nipissing courses and then transfer credit to your home university. If you are an LOP applicant, apply directly to Nipissing.

Special Students

If you hold a recognized university degree, you are eligible for admission consideration as a Special Student (i.e., non-degree seeking student) if you intend to take courses for interest, upgrading, a qualifying year or to meet the requirements for a professional designation. If you are a Special Student applicant, you can apply directly to Nipissing.

Special Circumstances and Pathways

We may consider documented extenuating circumstances (e.g., medical or special needs) if you do not meet the required admission averages. Submit the Applicants with Extenuating Circumstances form to the Office of the Registrar by April 1, 2024.

If you are eligible for admission consideration but your average is below the minimum average for admission to full-time studies (30 credits), we may offer you admission to a Bachelor of Arts (Liberal Arts) or Bachelor of Science (Liberal Science) degree program through the Foundations Pathway, beginning on a full-time reduced course load. This option is not available for college or university transfer applicants.

We welcome applications from individuals of diverse backgrounds. Refer to Equity, Diversity and Inclusion.

Additional Admission Information

The Bachelor of Physical Health and Education (BPHE), Orientation to a Master of Arts in History (OMAH) and Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BScN) programs are highly competitive, limited-enrollment programs. The minimum average required for admission consideration may be higher than the stated minimum.

If you are interested in our BScN – Registered Practical Nurse Bridging (RPN) (Blended Delivery) program, apply directly to the BScN – RPN program through Nipissing.


Supporting Documents


Official transcripts from all postsecondary institutions you previously attended must be submitted directly to Nipissing University; high school transcripts may also be required.

It is your responsibility to ensure that all completed and in-progress courses (if applicable) show on the transcript your institution sends.

If you have completed courses outside of North America (Canada and the US), you must have all your foreign transcripts evaluated and translated by World Education Services (WES). A WES Credential Evaluation Report, including a course-by-course analysis, must be sent directly to Nipissing University by the appropriate deadline for the program you applied to.

You are responsible for the costs associated with the WES evaluation and any translation required.

It can take upwards of 6 weeks for WES to receive official transcripts from a foreign academic institution, after which point the WES evaluation can take a week or longer to complete. You should begin the evaluation process as early as possible. If you have attended a postsecondary institution (e.g., university, college, technical institute), you must submit an $80 non-refundable document evaluation fee to the OUAC.

Language Requirements

All applicants to our undergraduate degree and post-baccalaureate programs (excluding the Bachelor of Education) from countries where the dominant language of instruction is other than English will be required to achieve the required proficiency on one of the acceptable tests of English language proficiency for admission consideration.

If you are a permanent resident (landed immigrant) whose first language is not English, you may be required to provide proof of proficiency in English.

Supplemental Application

If you are applying to the Bachelor of Social Work – Professional Years (BSW-PY) program, you will be required to submit supplemental documents.

You will find further information, including a link to the supplemental application form, in BSW-PY Program Details.


Scholarships, Bursaries and Financial Aid

Guaranteed Entrance Scholarships

All Canadian and international students applying direct from high school are eligible to be considered for one of our Entrance Scholarships. We calculate scholarship averages using the best six final 4U/M grades (or provincial or international equivalent), completed as of June 30, 2023.

Canadian and international college transfer applicants applying directly to the first year of a full-time undergraduate degree program in North Bay are also eligible for entrance scholarship consideration.

College transfer applicants may be eligible to receive a maximum of 18 transfer credits.

Other Scholarships, Awards and Bursaries

We offer additional funding based on a range of criteria:

  • academic merit,
  • financial need or
  • a combination of
    • extracurricular involvement,
    • academics,
    • demonstrated leadership ability or
    • volunteerism.

If you are a high school applicant, visit Entrance Awards for further information and application deadlines. If you are another type of applicant, visit Student Awards and Financial Aid

On-campus Employment (NUWork)

We offer the NUWork program, which enables students to work part time on campus.

Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP)

We encourage you to email the Financial Aid Office or visit the OSAP website if you require information about OSAP.


Offers of Admission

Offers for Current Ontario High School Students

We begin to make offers of admission to Ontario high school students in November and continue on a rolling basis as we receive midterm or interim and final grades.

Offers for Canadian High School Students From Outside of Ontario

We will make offers of admission once your application is complete (i.e., we have received all required documents).

If your official high school transcript does not include current registration and/or midterm grades, you should have your school email the Admissions Office. This email should include a list of all courses you are registered in and any midterm grades that may be available at that time.

Offers for the BPHE, OMAH and/or 4-year BScN Programs

We will send admission decisions for these limited enrollment programs in late April or early May.

Offers for the BSW-PY Program

We send admission decisions to BSW-PY applicants in late April. You will find further information in BSW-PY Program Details.

Offers for College or University Transfer Students

We will make offers of admission once your application is complete (i.e., we have received all required documents).

For September admission, ensure that your transcript is sent once your first-term grades are available.

Alternative Offers

If you do not meet the admission requirements or admission averages for programs you applied to, we will automatically consider you for an alternative program that you do qualify for.


Accessibility Services

If you require student accessibility services, identify yourself as early as possible so that we can arrange accommodations and support systems prior to the beginning of classes.


Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI)

We are committed to the principles of EDI. You will have the opportunity to complete an optional Applicant Diversity Census as part of your application. We will not use diversity-based personal information for admission purposes. We may use aggregated EDI data to improve our student supports and/or develop new programs that meet our student needs.

We welcome applications from individuals of diverse backgrounds. We recognize that there are institutional processes and cultural differences that present barriers to some applicants in obtaining access to university. We have reserved spaces in our undergraduate programs for students from groups including, but not limited to:

  • persons with disabilities,
  • economically disadvantaged individuals,
  • Franco-Ontarians,
  • Indigenous persons,
  • visible minorities,
  • LGBTQ+ individuals and
  • those from northern, remote or rural areas.



If you are a direct-from-high-school applicant, we guarantee you a single room in residence if you receive a full-time offer of admission by May 29, 2024.

You must return the Guaranteed Residence Application Form and applicable deposit by June 3, 2024.

You will receive information on how to apply for residence in your offer of admission.


Campus Tours and Events

Most students who visit our campus choose to call Nipissing home. We encourage you to visit and discover why Nipissing is right where you belong.



Nipissing University
Office of the Registrar
100 College Drive, Box 5002
North Bay ON  P1B 8L7

Telephone: 705-474-3461
Email: admissions@nipissingu.ca

Admissions: Ext. 4600
General Information and Campus Tours: Ext. 4200
Residence: Ext. 4855
Student Accessibility Services: Ext. 4362
Scholarships and Financial Aid: Ext. 4311

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