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Undergraduate – The Hub


Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.

On the Hub: Just Starting Your Application

Graphic of the Hub before starting an application.

1. Start Application

Click this button to begin your Undergraduate Application.

2. Message Centre

Find all the messages you have received from the OUAC, including your acknowledgement email and important information about your application.

3. Profile

Make changes related to your account – you can update your username and password, resend your email verification and log out of your account.

4. Live Chat

This icon will appear during live chat support hours.

5. Hub Sidebar

Find your recent messages, FAQs, how-to videos and other helpful resources.

6. Help Links Footer

Find quick links for resources to help support your application.

On the Hub: Application in Progress

A graphic of the Undergraduate Hub in progress

1. Application Status

Find the status of your application.

2. Continue Application

Use this button to go to the last page you have saved to your application.

3. Completed Sections

Once you have entered your information into an application section, you will be able to use the Edit icon to return to that section. Otherwise, the sections will remain read-only until you enter new information.

4. Summary Tables

Some sections will display helpful summary tables so you can quickly review your information. These tables will update as your information is processed.

On the Hub: After You Apply

Hub graphic - after you apply

1. Application Status – After You Apply

Find the status of your application and when your information was sent to the universities.

2. Edit My Application

You can select the button “Edit My Application” to make any further updates to your application information. You can also select the Edit icon to return to that specific section.

3. My Offers

Find the number of offers of admission you received. Select “View Offers” to view the details of your offers.

4. My Supporting Documents

Find the status of your supporting documents. Select the Edit icon to go to that section and make any updates.

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