My institution uses Digitary (which includes CORE, MyCreds | MesCertifs, My eQuals) to send transcripts electronically. Are these considered official?

Yes. We work with Digitary (which includes CORE, MyCreds | MesCertifs and My eQuals) to accept and process official electronic transcripts.

If your university or college is in Ontario, you must request your transcript through your application, unless otherwise noted in the Exceptions for Online Transcript Requests, in which case you will need to use the Digitary system.

If your institution is from outside of Ontario and chooses to send their transcripts electronically through this platform, you will need to complete the appropriate request through your institution and/or the Digitary system.

Do not select “email” as the delivery method for your transcript. Instead, select the desired application (e.g., OLSAS, OMSAS or ORPAS) from the list of destinations. If you received your OUAC Reference Number, there is an optional Reference field where you can choose to indicate it on Digitary’s form.

Exception: If you do not see OLSAS, OMSAS or ORPAS in the list of destinations, you can select “email” as the delivery method and enter “” as the destination email.