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Referee Instructions

You may be required to ask individuals (“Referees”) to provide a reference on your behalf. Review the program requirements for each law school as the number and/or type of reference required varies by law school.

Note: Some schools require a non-academic reference. This must be one of your 3 selected references. Additional references will not be accepted, even if additional choices are added.

If you provide an email address for your referee, they must complete their reference online. Once you add a referee, select “Send Email” to notify them about completing their online reference in a protected environment. Ensure your referee is prepared to use the online form before entering an email address. They must be familiar with PDF documents and/or scanners. It is your responsibility to ensure your referee received the email and successfully submitted their reference to OLSAS.

If your referee does not have an email address, download the form and forward it to them. They must mail it, with their accompanying letter, to OLSAS when complete.

Note: Only one version of the reference (online or paper) can be submitted.

You will not be able to make changes to your referees once they are reset or the forms are downloaded.

Ensure you give your referees sufficient time to complete their reference and submit it to OLSAS by the deadline.

Tip: Direct your referees to Referee Resources for further information.

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Checking the Status of Your References

You can check the status of your references under the “Actions/Status” tab in the “Referees” section of your application.

Reference Status

  • Email Sent: Your email has been sent to your selected referee.
  • Form Viewed: Your referee has viewed the reference form.
  • In Progress: Your referee has started to complete their reference, but has not submitted it.
  • Received: The OUAC has received the reference from your referee.

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Referee Resets

You may reset your reference as long as the referee has not started to complete the reference form.

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