OLSAS – Sketch/Verifier Requirements

Last updated: August 16, 2021

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Autobiographical Sketch

The Autobiographical Sketch (ABS) is a detailed and comprehensive list of your activities since high school (do not include high school activities), within any of the following categories:

The ABS complements your Personal Statement. It is highly recommended that you provide complete information in the ABS within the space provided, as law schools use the information in the ABS (including how the information is presented) when making admission decisions.

Information about how to complete the ABS is provided in separate sections on this web page with headings separating each activity category.

Note: OLSAS cannot advise you on your ABS. You are expected to use your own judgment in completing it. If you have specific questions about the content of your ABS that are not covered by the instructions provided, contact the law schools for further guidance.

Tips before you begin:

  • Consider and record (separate from the application) all activities you have engaged in since completing high school.
  • Record when each activity began and ended, or if it is ongoing. Accuracy is critical.
  • Arrange these activities into the appropriate categories.
Note: Changes and/or corrections to the ABS or school submissions cannot be made after you submit your application.

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Specific Activity Details


  • Indicate if the employment was during the summer, the academic year or after graduation, part-time or full-time, the total hours (per week or per month) and the number of years.
  • Provide your title and briefly describe your responsibilities.

Volunteer Activities

  • Indicate if the activity was during the summer, the academic year or after graduation, the total hours (per week or per month) and the number of years.
  • Provide the location where the volunteer work took place and briefly describe your responsibilities.

Extracurricular Activities

  • Indicate if the activity was during the summer or academic year, the total hours (per week or per month) and the number of years.
  • Indicate the type of activity: Individual activity, team activity or club activity (e.g., sports, arts, music, student government, personal activities such as travel).
  • For sports, indicate the level you performed at: Recreational, varsity, intramural, provincial, national or international.

Awards and Accomplishments

  • Identify the type of distinction(s) you received and when you received it/them.


  • Indicate the type of publications: Paper, abstract or presentation at a scientific meeting, etc. – accepted or published with a reference (submitted or in preparation).


  • Provide additional details.

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For each activity mentioned in the ABS, provide the name, address and email address of a contact who can verify your involvement in that activity. Verifiers are expected to be people who can objectively confirm your participation in the activity because they are connected to it in some capacity (e.g., as an employer, supervisor, coach, coordinator).

To associate a verifier with an activity, select “Add Verifier” from the drop-down menu or select a previously entered verifier. Where appropriate, you may use the same verifier for multiple activities.

The law schools reserve the right to confirm the information you provide in these sections by consulting your verifiers.

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