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ORPAS – How to Apply


Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.

Step 1: Research your university options and the application process

Step 2: Review your referees

Ensure you give your referees enough time to complete their reference and submit it to ORPAS by the deadline.

Step 3: Prepare and submit your application

Prepare and submit your application by the deadline.


  • Submit only 1 set of application materials and academic documents, regardless of the number of schools you apply to.
  • The application process is lengthy. The amount of time required depends on the number of universities and programs you apply to. Allow 5 to 25 hours to prepare your application.
  • Each Ontario rehabilitation sciences program has its own admission requirements. Be aware of variations in admission requirements and make sure you qualify for consideration before submitting your application to ORPAS.
  • We will process and forward applications to all requested rehabilitation sciences programs regardless of your qualifications or the completeness of your application.
  • Contact the university directly for additional information about their academic program and admission requirements.
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