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Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.

About our Teacher Education Program

The Consecutive Bachelor of Education program is a highly collaborative, hands-on program that pays particular attention to the individual learner, in small class settings with a community-based approach. Working closely with Trent University’s Faculty of Arts and Science, the First People’s House of Learning and educators in the wider community, you will leave the program with a mindset to make education a transformative experience.

Offered at our Peterborough campus, the Bachelor of Education is a 2-year, full-time program that prepares you to teach in either the Primary/Junior (Kindergarten-Grade 6) or Intermediate/Senior (Grades 7-12) divisions.

Our program consists of:

  • a commitment to incorporating social justice education, Indigenous knowledge, equity, diversity and inclusion;
  • developing foundational knowledge grounded by research, in pedagogy and practice, to ensure student success;
  • the ability to focus on an area of interest through elective courses; and
  • approximately 115 days of teaching experience through practicum and alternative placement settings that promote holistic approaches to education.

Program Codes

R10 – Primary/Junior (Full-time)
R30 – Intermediate/Senior (Full-time)

Key Dates

You must submit the following to the OUAC by December 1, 2023:

  • TEAS Application
  • TEAS online transcript request (for Ontario universities) and related fees
  • TEAS fee
  • $75 non-refundable supplementary fee

You must submit the following to Education Admissions, Trent University, on or before December 8, 2023:

  • Official transcripts (including World Education Services [WES] evaluation, if necessary, for international institutions)
  • Online Profile of Experience and Course List
    • Curriculum-related course list (Primary/Junior applicants)
    • Teaching subject course list (Intermediate/Senior applicants)
  • Equity Admission form (if applicable)
  • Official English-language test results (if applicable)

If documentation and/or fees are not submitted by the deadline, your application will be considered incomplete and will not be processed.

Supporting documentation is not retained from applications received in previous years. Previous applicants must forward new documentation each year.

Faxed, photocopied or electronic copies of documents, including transcripts, Profiles of Experience, Equity Admission forms and English-language test results that have been submitted by applicants are not accepted.

Check your myTrent account to verify that we have received your documents. All submitted documents become the property of Trent University and cannot be returned.

If you applied to more than 1 program option, you do not need to send more than 1 copy of the required documents.

Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements

Selection is based on equal weighting of academic achievement and related experience. This is a competitive program and fulfilling the minimum requirements does not guarantee admission.

A minimum average of 70% (B- or 2.7 GPA) on the last 10 full year university courses (last 20 one-semester courses or equivalent) completed prior to the application deadline is required for all programs.

We assess your academic qualifications (even if you are completing the final year of your undergraduate degree) using grades available as of December 1, 2023.

Your undergraduate degree and program prerequisite courses must be completed at an accredited, degree granting institution by June 30, 2024.

If you have less than 10 full-year university courses (20 one-semester courses, or a combination) completed at the time you apply, we will assess you for admission on a case-by-case basis. 

Transfer credits received for college, International Baccalaureate, Advanced Placement, CEGEP and graduate-level university courses will not be included in the admission average calculation.

If you list more than 1 program choice on your application, you should prioritize your choices in the order you would like to be considered, as we will offer successful applicants admission to 1 program selection only.


You are required to submit official transcripts from every postsecondary institution you attended to Education Admissions, Trent University, no later than December 8, 2023.

  • Order official Ontario university and college transcripts via the OUAC using a TEAS online transcript request when you apply.
  • Order official transcripts from outside Ontario directly from the institution(s) and request they be sent to Trent University, Education Admissions (email is preferred; mailing address in Contact).
  • If you hold a degree from an international institution, we strongly encourage you to have a course-by-course evaluation of official international transcripts from World Education Services (WES). You must request that WES evaluations be released to Trent University by December 8, 2023. This evaluation is official; we will not require any additional copies of your transcripts for assessment purposes. Contact Education Admissions to determine if a WES evaluation is required.
  • If you attended a university on a Letter of Permission or international exchange, you must provide an official transcript from the institution you attended.
  • If you are a current Trent University student, or recent graduate, you are not required to submit Trent transcripts through TEAS. However, if you have taken courses at another institution, you must have those transcripts sent to Education Admissions.

Do not send high school or CEGEP transcripts.

Experience Profile and Supplementary Forms

You must submit your Profile of Experience and Course List by December 8, 2023. Once we receive your application from TEAS, we will send you information by email about activating your myTrent applicant portal and completing the online Profile of Experience and Course List.

If you do not receive an email within 3 business days of submitting your application, check your junk mail folder. These emails are sent automatically and can be flagged as spam by email providers.

More about the Profile of Experience and Course list in the Bachelor of Education Applicant Handbook.

Equity Admission

At Trent University, we are committed to social justice and encourage applications from persons traditionally under-represented in the teaching profession. If you are a person of Indigenous heritage, a visible minority and/or a person with a disability, you may apply for equity admission to the Bachelor of Education program.

The Equity Admission form is available through the myTrent portal after you apply and is due by December 8, 2023.

Language Requirements

English is the language of instruction and communication at Trent University. Applicants must demonstrate a command of English sufficient to meet the demands of classroom instruction, written assignments and participation in tutorials and discussions. You are required to meet our Bachelor of Education English Language requirements.

More about language requirements in the Bachelor of Education Applicant Handbook.

Results of English-language proficiency assessments must be submitted to Education Admissions by December 8, 2023.

You can upload your unofficial English-language test results using Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM) and request official copies be mailed to Trent.

We reserve the right to require you to take an English-language test, upgrade or withdraw from the program if you do not meet the expected level of proficiency.

Teaching Subjects

R30 – Intermediate/Senior Stream

Any course offered by the teaching subject in question is eligible if it counts toward a degree in that subject area. Ensure that you have a solid foundation in the teaching subject area and a diversity of courses within that subject.

Teaching Subjects:

  • Anishnaabemowin (Ojibwe) (002)
  • Dramatic Arts (135)
  • English (319)
  • Environmental Science (447)
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies (200)
  • French as a Second Language (325)
  • Geography (740)
  • Health and Physical Education (860)
  • History (750)
  • Mathematics (652)
  • Science – Biology (412)
  • Science – Chemistry (420)
  • Science – Physics (470)
  • Visual Arts (190)

First teaching subject: 5 full-year university course equivalents are required (10 one-semester courses).

Second teaching subject: 3 full-year university course equivalents are required (6 one-semester courses), with the exception of French as a Second Language and Anishnaabemowin (Ojibwe) for which 4 full-year university course equivalents are required (8 one-semester courses).

If you are concerned about the eligibility of a particular course counting toward teaching subject requirements, contact Education Admissions before you apply. Course descriptions may be required.

Classes may not be offered in all teaching subjects if there is an insufficient number of qualified applicants. We reserve the right to cancel a teaching subject at any point.


Trent University
Education Admissions
Office of the Registrar
Trent University
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough ON  K9L 0G2

Telephone: 705‑748‑1011, ext. 7738
Email: educationadmissions@trentu.ca

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