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Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.

The Ontario Law School Application Service (OLSAS) is a not‑for‑profit, centralized application service for applicants to the 8 Ontario law schools:

We were developed by admission personnel at these universities and are operated by the Ontario Universities’ Application Centre (OUAC), which is a division of the Council of Ontario Universities.

Our purpose is to:

  • facilitate the Ontario law school application process,
  • reduce duplicate applications and
  • save time and resources for the applicants and the universities.

Each law school is completely autonomous in reaching admission decisions. We only provide the application processing service and process applications for admission to Ontario law schools. For information about law schools outside of Ontario, contact those law schools directly.

There is 1 common application and 1 set of academic documents used to apply for admission to the Ontario law schools.

Ensure that you are using the correct application.

The OUAC and the law schools reserve the right to amend this information at any time.


  • If you already created an OUAC account, you do not need to create a new one. Do not take over an account created by someone else.
  • The application process is lengthy. The amount of time it requires depends on the number of law schools you apply to. Allow 5 to 25 hours to prepare your application.
  • Each Ontario law school has its own admission requirements and reserves the right to determine whether degrees granted by postsecondary institutions are suitable for the purpose of admission. Be aware of these variations and be sure you qualify for consideration before submitting your application.
  • We will process and forward applications to all law schools you request, regardless of your qualifications or the completeness of your application.
  • There are no refunds.
  • We do not accept “collect” courier deliveries (COD) of any documents.
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