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Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.

About our Teacher Education Program

Queen’s University is unique in offering a 16-month Consecutive Education program that starts in May 2024 and ends in August 2025.

Teaching divisions we offer:

  • Primary/Junior (K-Grade 6)
  • Intermediate/Senior (Grades 7-12)
  • Technological Education

All Primary/Junior or Intermediate/Senior Queen’s teacher candidates graduate with a specialization. You can apply directly to a Program Track or, after you start the program, you can choose a concentration. As part of this specialization, you will complete an alternative practicum placement outside the typical public school setting, and it can take place anywhere in the world.

Opportunities for funding are available to help teacher candidates gain this international experience. This specialization is an advantage to you as a Queen’s teacher candidate.

We also offer Multi-Session programs. These are full-time, blended on- and off-campus programs over 6 consecutive terms. Multi-Session programs are geared toward those that currently have a qualifying teaching position or are seeking one (e.g., unqualified teacher, teacher on a Letter of Permission). The programs are intended to support school boards in addressing the need for qualified teachers in specific subject areas.

As a Multi-Session candidate, you will gain valuable practical and paid experience in instructional settings that are aligned with the areas of concentration in your program of professional education.

Program Codes

* Program offering is contingent upon funding and adequate enrollment.

Q10 – Primary/Junior
Q11 – Indigenous Teacher Education Multi-Session Community-Based (Primary/Junior) – Tyendinaga*
Q12 – Indigenous Teacher Education (Primary/Junior)
Q13 – Indigenous Teacher Education Multi-Session Community-Based (Primary/Junior) – Mushkegowuk Territory (exact location to be determined based on enrollment)*
Q14 – Indigenous Teacher Education Multi-Session Community-Based (Primary/Junior) – Manitoulin North Shore – Manitoulin Island*
Q15 – Artist in Community Education (Primary/Junior)
Q16 – Indigenous Teacher Education Multi-Session Community-Based (Primary/Junior) – Lambton-Kent*
Q17 – French as a Second Language Multi-Session (Primary/Junior)
Q18 – Outdoor & Experiential Education (Primary/Junior)
Q19 – French as a Second Language (Primary/Junior)
Q30 – Intermediate/Senior
Q32 – Indigenous Teacher Education (Intermediate/Senior)
Q35 – Artist in Community Education (Intermediate/Senior)
Q38 – Outdoor & Experiential Education (Intermediate/Senior)
Q40 – Indigenous Teacher Education Multi-Session Community-Based (Primary/Junior) – Pikangikum*
Q80 – Technological Education (BEd)*
Q82 – Technological Education (DEd)*
Q85 – Technological Education Multi-Session (BEd) – Greater Toronto Area*
Q87 – Technological Education Multi-Session (DEd) – Greater Toronto Area*

Key Dates

December 1, 2023

  • Submit the TEAS Application and transcript requests.

December 10, 2023

  • Submit transcripts and supplementary documents to the Student Services Office.
    • Refer to Transcripts for more information about criteria for official transcripts.
  • Submit the Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) through the Queen’s website.
  • Only completed applications will be assessed.

June 30, 2024

  • Send final university transcript(s) to Student Services if you are currently completing your university degree and/or course prerequisites for admission.
  • Final university transcripts should indicate that courses were completed and/or the degree was granted.
  • We confirm your acceptance only after you successfully complete your undergraduate degree (except if you apply to the Diploma in Education).

Admission Requirements

General Admission Requirements


All transcripts submitted must be official, bearing the institutional seal and/or original signature of the institution’s registrar, and must be received by December 10, 2023. Photocopied or faxed transcripts are not acceptable.

Experience Profiles and Supplementary Forms

Complete your Personal Statement of Experience (PSE) on the Queen’s Education website. We will give you access to the PSE through the SOLUS online Student Centre by November 1, 2023.

Submission details will be emailed to you after you apply. PSE questions and information are also available on our website.

Indigenous Teacher Education Multi-Session Community-Based applicants do not complete a PSE.

Additional Supplementary Documentation

The following programs require additional documentation beyond the TEAS Application, transcripts and PSE:

Send any additional documentation, in accordance with indicated instructions, to Student Services following the process outlined on the web pages linked in this section.

Equity Admission

For a designated number of places in the Education program, we will give preference to:

  • members of Indigenous Peoples and First Nations groups,
  • visible minorities and racialized persons,
  • persons with disabilities and
  • persons who identify as LGBTQ2S+.

These groups are currently under‑represented within the teaching profession.

International Applicants

If you obtained a degree from a foreign institution (from a non-Canadian or non-American institution), refer to International Transcripts for more information.

Language Requirements

English is the language of instruction at Queen’s and in most Ontario schools where our teacher candidates complete their required practice teaching.

Consequently, if English is not your first language, you are required to provide evidence of oral and written proficiency in English to Student Services.

Teaching Subjects

Teaching Subjects

Refer to the Teaching Subject Requirements for the required and/or recommended courses for teaching subjects offered in the Queen’s Teacher Education program.

  • Dramatic Arts (135)
  • English (319)
  • First Nations, Métis and Inuit Studies (200)
  • French as a Second Language (325)
  • Geography (740)
  • History (750)
  • Mathematics (652)
  • Music – Instrumental (158)
  • Music – Vocal (159)
  • Science – Biology (412)
  • Science – Chemistry (420)
  • Science – Physics (470)
  • Social Science (165)
  • Visual Arts (190)


Student Services
Faculty of Education, Queen’s University
Room A112, Duncan McArthur Hall
511 Union Street
Kingston ON K7M 5R7

Telephone: 613‑533‑6205
Email: educstudentservices@queensu.ca

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