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TEAS – Applicant Responsibilities and Requirements


Refer to the application and the university's website for up-to-date program details.


  • Submit your application as soon as possible since some faculties of education may require additional application information, interviews, essays or language facility tests before they make an admission decision.
  • If you fail to comply with admission requirements and deadlines, your application may not be considered by the faculties of education.
  • Application fees are non‑refundable.

Applicant Responsibilities

Follow the Application Process

Become familiar with and observe the application procedures for each faculty of education you apply to.

You must use Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM) in your application to communicate with us. Do not use email.

Submit the Required Documentation

  • Submit only 1 TEAS application for 2024.
  • Submit your application and all supporting documentation by the deadlines.

Upload Supplementary Documentation

You can use SAM to upload supplementary documentation, as required by the universities you apply to.

Supplementary documentation includes:

  • Transcripts, only if currently enrolled, as these will be considered unofficial. If you have already completed your degree, an official transcript must be sent directly to the university. Read the Transcript Requirements carefully, as some types of transcripts must be ordered within your application, while others you will need to order directly from your institution.
  • Proof of Diploma
  • Language Proficiency Test (English or French)
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Statement of Indigenous Experience or Proof of Status
  • Applicant Information Sheet or Supplementary Form
  • Technological Education – Proof of wage-earning experience

Specify the universities we should send your document(s) to. Read the requirements for each university carefully and do not submit documentation that is not required. Universities will only consider required documents.

You must submit supplementary documents (excluding transcripts) for Brock, Laurentian and Queen’s directly to those universities. Do not upload them via SAM.

Verify Your Application Information

You will receive an OUAC/TEAS Reference Number (2024‑7xxxxx) and an acknowledgement email from TEAS when you submit and pay for your application.

If you do not receive an acknowledgement email, contact us immediately via SAM.

Applicant Requirements

School Board Requirements for Police Record Checks

To meet the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) requirements, teacher education programs require you to successfully complete practice teaching in Ontario schools.

School boards require students on practice teaching assignments in Ontario schools to complete a satisfactory Police Record Check (PRC), including a Vulnerable Sector Check, prior to having direct contact with students. Without a satisfactory PRC, schools will not allow you to participate in practice teaching.

This check is not required until you receive an offer of admission to a faculty of education and is separate from the OCT’s criminal record check.

Eligibility for Teaching Certification in Ontario

If you wish to teach in Ontario’s publicly funded education system, you must be certified by the OCT.

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