OMSAS – Autobiographical Sketch

The Autobiographical Sketch is a detailed and comprehensive list of your activities since age 16, within any of the following categories:

F:    Formal Education (name of institution, dates, program, degree)
E:    Employment
V:    Volunteer Activities
X:    Extracurricular Activities
A:    Awards and Accomplishments
R:    Research
O:    Other

List all activities that will give the admissions committees insight into who you are.

Please include structured and non‑structured experiences that demonstrate an ability to determine needs in your community and a willingness to play a part in filling those needs.

For instance, volunteer work is often perceived as only those activities that are coordinated by an organization. However, there are many forms of volunteer work.

For example, if you were raised in a farming community and helped to run a neighbour’s farm (e.g., when the neighbour was sick), this would be considered volunteer activity. Ensure you have a contact for each of the activities listed.

To ensure that full information is provided in the Autobiographical Sketch, OMSAS recommends the following actions:

  • Consider and record (separate from the application) all activities since age 16.
  • Complete the application by arranging these activities into their appropriate categories.
  • Provide the information in point form.
  • Do not forward supplementary pages, letters of recommendation, curriculum vitae, etc.

OMSAS collects this information on behalf of the medical schools. OMSAS will arrange the Autobioigraphical Sketch in the order required by the medical schools.

You will need to provide more specific details for the Employment, Volunteer Activities, Extracurricular Activities, Awards and Accomplishments, and Research categories. These additional details are not required for McMaster or Western.

Please contact the medical schools for further information about the contents of the Autobiographical Sketch.

Applicants must decide for themselves which information to include in the autobiographical sketch, the individual school submissions, and the verifiers list. OMSAS is unable to advise you on the sketch, as the universities want to see how applicants choose to present their information. Please use your own discretion.

Note: Changes and/or corrections to the autobiographical sketch or school submissions cannot be made after your application is submitted.

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