Frequently Asked Questions: Law (OLSAS)

What do I do if I don’t have enough space to include the details of an activity in the Autobiographical Sketch section of the application?

Applications: Law (OLSAS) Categories: During Application

The Autobiographical Sketch is meant to give the law schools a brief overview of what you have done since you left high school. If the law schools want more information than what you have provided for any specific activity, they will contact the verifier for that activity.

What is the deadline for supporting documents for upper-year applicants?

Applications: Law (OLSAS) Categories: Before Applying

The deadline is May 1 for all law schools except for Osgoode and Queens, which have a deadline of June 30.

What is the difference between a provisional and a firm acceptance for law school?

Applications: Law (OLSAS) Categories: After Applying

A provisional acceptance means that you can indicate that you want your applications to other programs to remain active. All provisional acceptances automatically become firm on July 1, 2021. A firm acceptance means that you will be removed from the wait lists of all other choices on your application.

What should I include in the Sketch/School Submissions/Verifiers sections?

Applications: Law (OLSAS), Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

You must decide for yourself which information to include in the autobiographical sketch, the individual school submissions and the verifiers list. We are unable to advise you on the sketch, as the universities want to see how you choose to present your information. Use your own discretion. Note: Changes and/or corrections to the autobiographical sketch…

Where do I complete the personal statements/submissions for the law schools?

Applications: Law (OLSAS) Categories: During Application

Once you have selected your law school choices, click “School Submissions” in the OLSAS application and then the specific university to complete your submission.

Why was my exchange institution added? I did not add this institution since the credits appear on my home university transcript.

All postsecondary institutions you attended should be disclosed within your Academic Background and all transcripts must be provided from each institution.