Frequently Asked Questions: Medical (OMSAS)

How will my GPA for my foreign institutions be calculated?

Grades from institutions outside of Canada and the United States are not included in the GPA calculations.

How will the OUAC convert my GPA from institutions that are in the United States?

We must first review your transcript to determine the applicable scale. Once this is done and your transcript is processed, you will be able to view your application data online. This typically occurs in November for OMSAS, December for OLSAS and February for ORPAS. We will email you when this information is available. We created application-specific…

I am applying to the University of Toronto as an MD/PhD applicant. What additional materials do I need to submit? How do I submit these documents?

You are required to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) via Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM), as outlined in the OMSAS Application Guide. You can use SAM to upload your CV. If you apply to the MD/PhD program, you must also submit 3 additional letters of reference, along with the accompanying MD/PhD Reference Form. MD/PhD reference letters…

I am not sure who I should choose as a referee. Can you help me?

The OUAC cannot advise on the selection of referees. Please review the requirements for each school listed in the application guide. If you still require more information, you will need to contact the universities directly.

I am trying to sign up for the CASPer® test but I don’t have an OMSAS reference number yet. What ID do I use to sign up for my CASPer test?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: During Application

You can use your application number from any Canadian medical school that uses CASPer to sign up. If you are only applying to Ontario schools, you can only write CASPer on the Ontario dates that start on October 7, 2020 (so you will have an OMSAS number when you register). Spaces are unlimited so it…

I cannot locate the forms to give to my references, can you help me?

If your referee prefers to not use the online referee system, don’t fill out the “referee email address” field. Omitting an email address will create a reference form, which you can manually download. In the Referee section, once you’ve added the names and mailing address of your referee and pressed “Save”, a download button will…

I didn’t get accepted this year and want to apply again next year. Where can I receive a copy of my application, and will OMSAS keep my references and transcripts?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: After Applying

You can print off a copy of your application by logging into your account. This must be done before the end of June as your account will be deleted after that time. All transcripts and references are destroyed at the end of the cycle. Applicants are required to submit new references and transcripts each year.

I have a foreign medical degree. Where can I obtain information about practicing medicine in Canada?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: Before Applying

Individuals who have graduated from a medical school outside of Canada or the US should contact the Touchstone Institute.

I have forgotten my login information. What can I do?

If you have misplaced/forgotten your username, select “Recover your username” on the Log In page. You will be prompted to enter your date of birth and email address. Your username will then be emailed to you.

I made a mistake in my school submission. How do I change it?

Applications: Medical (OMSAS) Categories: After Applying

The medical schools do not accept changes to the sketch, school submissions or verifiers. If mistakes are made, they can be brought to the attention of the medical schools during their interview process. If a medical school attempts to contact a verifier without success, they will contact the applicant directly for updated information.