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How do I link my OUAC application to my OSAP application?

Note: You must have a current Undergraduate application to link to your OSAP account.
You can link using any of these options:

Go directly to the OSAP website.
Click any of the OSAP banners or links on the OUAC website or within your application.
Click your “OSAP Link Status” within your completed OUAC application.

How do I respond to an offer of admission?

Log in to your application and select “Choices/Offers” in the “Applicant Links” menu. If you have received an offer of admission, it will be displayed on this screen. To respond to an offer, click on the offer, which will lead you to the “Response to Offer” screen…

How is my sub-GPA calculated?

The sub-GPA is based on the 10 most recent undergraduate courses, the equivalent of 20 ORPAS course lengths, even if: the courses did not count toward a degree, the courses were not taken at the university where a degree was awarded…

How many universities and programs can I choose to apply to in my application?

You may apply to as many Ontario universities and programs as you wish; however, you are limited to a maximum of 3 program choices at any 1 university (including affiliates). Some universities may further limit the number of programs you may apply to. Make sure that you carefully read the details and instructions offered by each institution. Consult the individual university websites or contact the universities directly for more information.

I am applying to the University of Toronto as an MD/PhD applicant. What additional materials do I need to submit and how do I submit them?

You are required to submit a Curriculum Vitae (CV) via Secure Applicant Messaging (SAM), as outlined on the University of Toronto’s information page in the OMSAS Application Guide.

If you apply to the MD/PhD program, you must also submit 3 additional letters of reference, along with the accompanying MD/PhD Reference Form.

MD/PhD reference letters are confidential and must be either mailed directly to OMSAS or submitted via the online reference system, through your OMSAS application. They will not be accepted via SAM.

I am trying to accept my offer, but it says the offer has expired. What can I do?

If the offer link is still active, you may select it to accept. The university is allowing you to accept this offer after the expiry date. However, before accepting this offer, you should contact the university to verify how long the offer is valid after the expiry date, especially if you are cancelling an accepted offer to accept the expired offer.If the offer link is not active, the university is not allowing you to accept this offer after the expiry date. If you still want to accept the offer, you will need to contact the university directly to see if they will send a new offer to the OUAC for you to accept…

I changed my name in my OSAP application. Why did it not change in my OUAC application?

The OSAP and OUAC applications do not share personal and address (bio/demo) information on a continual basis. When you link, you allow the OUAC to share your bio/demo information with OSAP once. If you change your bio/demo information after linking, you will need to update both your OUAC and your OSAP accounts. To save time, we recommend ensuring all information is accurate before you link…

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